Guide: All ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict

In Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict, ships are one of the main sources of battle. There are many different types of ships that players can build and fight with. The ships are subdivided into three types and 10 classes with 10 tiers. 


The three types are frigates, submarines, and destroyers: there are four frigates, three submarines, and three destroyers. A counter cycle exists among the types, which is quite simple. Frigates are strong against submarines and weak against destroyers, submarines are strong against destroyers and weak against frigates, and destroyers are strong against frigates and weak against submarines (Frigate > Submarine > Destroyer > Frigate).

Tier I: Knox Class Frigate


The Knox class frigates are the most basic ships in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. They can be built with a low amount of food and iron and can be completed almost right away. Given they’re only tier 1, you’ll eventually stop building them, but in the process of leveling up, the Knox class is quite useful.



The skills the Knox class can use are Rocket Torpedo and Rapid Fire. Rocket Torpedo is a vs. submarine skill, which has extra damage and accuracy. Rapid Fire is a vs. frigate/destroyer skill which also has extra damage and accuracy.


Tier II: Los Angeles Class Submarine


The Los Angeles class submarine is the first submarine you can build in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. These can be built with the addition of some titanium along with food and iron. The amount of resources and time needed is still very small, so it’s convenient to build them at low levels.



The skills of the Los Angeles class submarines are High Speed Torpedo and Stealth. High Speed Torpedo is a skill that deals 150% damage and 10% extra bonus damage against destroyers. Stealth is a buff skill that boosts evasion and accuracy, and lowers the chances of getting debuffs from enemy skills.


Tier III: Sovrenmenny Class Destroyer


The Sovrenmenny class destroyer is the first destroyer you can build in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict. The resources required are a bit more than the previous two ships, but it’s still no sweat. With the addition of the Sovrenmenny class, you will now have all three types of ships to utilize on the battlefield.



The skills of the Sovremenny class are Rapid Fire and Anti-Ship Missile H. Rapid Fire is the same skill that the Knox class has. Anti-Ship Missle H is a vs. frigate/destroyer skill. This skill as extra damage and accuracy while there’s a chance to cause malfunction effects on enemy ships.


Tier IV: Oliver Hazard Perry Class Frigate

The second available frigate in Gunship Battle: Crypto Conflict is the Oliver Hazard Perry class. Another resource, oil, is needed to build the ships from Tier 4 and above. The stats of the Oliver Hazard Perry class are significantly higher than that of the Knox class — after all, there’s a three-tier difference between the two. The stats of a level 10 Knox class is similar to a level 1 Oliver Hazard Perry class.



The skills of the Oliver Hazard Perry class are Rocket Torpedo and Anti-Ship Missle H, both of which have been mentioned above. Compared to the Knox Class’ Rapid Fire, the advantage the Anti-Ship Missle H has is that the skill can be used more often and that the Malfunction Effect can be quite effective in critical situations.


Tier V: Trafalgar Class Submarine

The second submarine in the game is the Trafalgar class. Although it’s getting more expensive to build the ships, the resources needed to build a Trafalgar class submarine are affordable. The Trafalgar class submarines will be used for quite a while as the next available submarine needs much more resources and has way higher requirements. It is recommended to limit break them while scaling up.



The skills of the Trafalgar class are High Speed Torpedo and Stealth, both the same as the Los Angeles class. The Stealth skill, however, has a higher value than its predecessor. Unlike the Knox and Oliver Hazard Perry stat comparison, a Lv. 1 Trafalgar class’ stats are relatively higher than a Lv. 10 Los Angeles class.


Tier VI: Ticonderoga Class Destroyer

The Ticonderoga class is the second destroyer in the game, which is above the Sovremenny class. Like the Trafalgar class, it takes up more resources and the build time is increased significantly compared to the lower tier ships. The Ticonderoga class ships will be used for a long time, so it’ll be wise to limit break them on the way.



Both skills are new for the Ticonderoga class. The first skill is Anti-Ship Missle V which attacks frigates and destroyers. The other is Aegis Radar, a skill that increases all allies’ evasion and gives a slight anti-air attack damage bonus under certain conditions.


Tier VII: Duke Class Frigate


The tier 7 ship is a frigate, the Duke class. The required resources are much higher at this point, and it takes much longer to build the ship. It requires about 9K titanium, but it’s rather affordable. The anti-ground and anti-ship stats were rather low on the Oliver Hazard Perry class, but they have been increased drastically on the Duke class.



On the Duke class, the skills are SONAR and Anti-Ship Missle H. SONAR increases all allies’ accuracy while increasing frigate evasion against submarine torpedoes. Anti-Ship Missle H is the same as its predecessor. If you start to include the Duke class in your fleet, you’ll be able to take down higher-level Armadas. Make sure you don’t get too cocky and attack ones that are too high for you.


Tier VIII: Seawolf Class Submarine

The Seawolf class submarine comes next on the list, which is the last submarine. It requires a Lv. 22 shipyard and gobbles up 30K titanium. Starting from here, you’ll have to wait a looong time for the ship to build, but it’s worth the wait. As it’ll take much more for you to get to the next two ships, make sure you fill up your fleet with Seawolf class submarines and level them up.



The Seawolf class submarine’s skills are High Speed Torpedo and Anti-Ship Missle S. The High Speed Torpedo is common among the submarines, and the Anti-Ship Missle S is new. It attacks frigates or destroyers and decreases the skill points of the target when hit.


Tier IV: Arleigh Burke Class Destroyer

The tier 9 ship is a destroyer: the Arleigh Burke class. It requires a Lv. 25 shipyard and more than 120K titanium — more than what you need to upgrade your HQ to Lv. 21. It’s the strongest destroyer in the game, and you’ll be using them to the end. It just takes a long time to get there, and a long time to build them as well. The stats are surely worth the wait.



The skills of the Arleigh Burke class are Anti-Ship Missle V2 and Rapid Fire. The Anti-Ship Missle V2 is an upgraded version of the Ticonderoga class — it fires an extra missile. Rapid Fire is the same old same old. As the final destroyer class, you’ll need plenty of the Arleigh Burke class ships, as long as you can afford them.


Tier X: Independence Class Frigate

The Independence class frigate is the last ship on the list, and its stats are destructive, especially against ground units. The resources and build time are punishing, so it’ll be a while for you to reach this point and fill your fleet with them.



The skills of the Independence-class are Rocket Torpedo and Rapid Fire II. They’re the same old skills, but the ship’s massive stats make them much stronger. Rapid Fire II is a slight upgrade from its previous version.


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