Nairo has unique response to Super Smash Bros stream snipers

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Stream sniping is a constant source of annoyance for those who broadcast on Twitch or YouTube, this much we know. The practice of queuing up at the same time as the streamer you are watching in an attempt to get into their game normally ends with the sniper trolling or seeking to otherwise humiliate the streamer — although there are also occasions when it leads to a "fan" encounter, which is often just as awkward in a different way.


For Super Smash Bros veteran Nairo, who streams on YouTube these days, stream sniping has become a daily theme as he attempts to complete his IronMan challenge streams, which involve winning a game with every one of Smash Bros Ultimate 89 playable characters consecutively (with any loss resetting the run to the start).


With Nairo also not attending tournaments these days, he has been living in Elite Smash. Over time, a group of stream snipers has successfully managed to snipe him to the point where many have become known names on his stream.


To Nairo’s credit, he rarely rages or shows annoyance toward his group of snipers, even allowing them each at least two attempts at beating him if they successfully queue into him during an IronMan event, before temporarily blocking them (if they lose twice) until the run is over. But this past weekend, he took it to the next level by turning his dedicated group of fans (or trolls, depending on your POV) into content with his inaugural Stream Sniper Invitational.

Lemons into lemonade


Rather than rage or block his band of online followers, Nairo invited them all to participate in an online tournament that streams on his YouTube channel for all to see. It's safe to say it has everything you’d expect from an Elite Smash event, including Steve dittos — of course. We won't spoil anything else if you want to check it out above. 


As for Nairo, there is no doubt he’s done a great job here of taking the lemons that is a life spent in the hell of Elite Smash and turning it into the lemonade of entertaining, free content. With the number of times certain snipers have already appeared on his stream, there are also storylines and rivalries (mainly fictional) to enjoy as the event goes on — all with commentary from Nairo himself thrown in as a bonus.


Other streamers in different games might struggle to replicate this sort of content, but for pros confined to the hellscape that is Elite Smash, this is a fantastic way to turn a difficult situation into something more profitable and fun. It's also helped Nairo engage with his community a bit more.


And who knows, maybe one day we’ll see one of those snipers at a real event, taking stocks from a real Smash pro, having got their start at the prestigious Stream Sniper Invitational on YouTube.

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