LAPD name person of interest in viral Echo Park flying Tesla YouTube stunt

Source: Alex Choi

Earlier this week, videos of a wild stunt appeared on YouTube, depicting a rented 2018 Tesla Model S flying through the air, before crashing into multiple cars and totaling the Tesla in Echo Park, Los Angeles. In the fallout of the accident, multiple people fled the scene, while a stray cat was revealed to have been in the car as well.


The video stirred up controversy in the online world, as well as made mainstream news headlines, for its reckless and dangerous behavior. The driver and passengers in the car fled, while the dozen or so YouTubers there to record the stunt all claim to know nothing about the situation. The video even got a very stern reaction from Pokimane, who condemned the reckless act and called them out for putting an innocent cat in danger for no reason.



Now the LAPD is offering $1000 cash to whoever can provide information on what they are calling a "misdemeanor hit and run." According to the LAPD, the majority of the tips they have received regarding this story point to a YouTuber known as Durte Dom, who posted a video all but admitting to being the driver in the incident. He is now considered a person of interest in the investigation by the LAPD.



Dominykas, otherwise known as Durte Dom, claims that he was the man behind the wheel during the incredibly dangerous stunt that risked the lives of numerous people. In a now-deleted TikTok, he stated, "LAPD didn't like my stunt" shortly after the video of the stuent went viral online. In that video, he showed the keyfab to what appears to be a Tesla. Durte Dom is also the man associated with David Dobrick's channel, who was credibly accused of rape last year on the set of one of Dobrick's videos, as first reported by Business Insider.


Dom is not the only person the LAPD is reportedly looking into. Alex Choi is also receiving attention from law enforcement and the public. Choi, who is known for car stunt videos, had his video of the incident go viral with nearly 2 million views, as of writing this article, but turned off comments on that video. He claims to not have known why he was called to Echo Park, and claims he was not involved in any way with the planning or execution of the stunt.


The crash left at least one car, in addition to the Tesla, seriously damaged. Jordan Hook, the owner of the Subaru struck in the incident posted a video online asking for donations to help cover the damages. Alex Choi suspiciously falsely copyright struck that man's video, claiming the video was defamatory and essentially admitting that his copyright strike was a lie in an Instagram story, while also threatening to sue Hook. Hook's original video has since been made private after he successfully raised over 22,000 dollars for a new Subaru.


Additionally, parts of the Tesla were strewn about the street, along with decimated trash cans and other debris. The stunt illustrates the dangerous lengths some online influencers are willing to go to in order to gain clout online. These clout chasers are making LA and other cities more dangerous to live in for residents, and are reminiscent of Jake Paul's absolute destruction on his property in LA in the past. If the LAPD has its way, those responsible for this stunt will face legal consequences, but considering how viral the stunt has become, there is also a risk that copycat stunts could pop up.

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