[Guide] How to fight against tanks in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2

The new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2 is here, and it brought with it to the game brand new tanks. The tanks can roll straight over obstacles and have multiple gunner seats that can be occupied by you and your squad. With no building in the game for the first part of the season, it can be pretty tricky to deal with tanks, but with the right strategies you can still take them on.

Here are some tips on how to counter tanks in the new Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 2.


Best methods for countering Tanks in Fortnite

Use C4 to bring down the tanks

C4 is back in the game, just in time to take out tanks. While tanks are going to have an advantage from far away, if you can sneak up on them, it only takes a couple of blast packs from the C4 to disable and take down a full health tank.


Join your enemy inside their tank

For tanks that aren't full of people, you can actually get inside a tank that is occupied by an enemy. This method will be most useful in solos, where people won't have squads to fill all their tank seats. Once inside the gunner seat in the tank, you can shoot downward to damage the tank that you are in.


One of the tank's weak spots is on the top front of the tank, it is marked by a bronze panel. If you shoot this spot while someone is in the tank, you can expose their head, leaving them open to damage. The enemy might change seat behind you, which will also expose them to your turret damage.


Know the weak spots in the tank and target them

If you can't get close to a tank, or it is full of players, you should target the weak points to disable it. In addition to the top bronze panel that you can break to kill the tank driver, there are also two panels on the back of the tank. If you shoot at these, even with standard, non-explosive weapons, you can pretty quickly disable a tank by overheating its engines. Additionally, you can destroy the tracks of the tank rather easily as well, harming its mobility.


Bring your own tank

Another way to destroy a tank is to bring your own tank to the fight. Its kind of an obvious tip, but fighting tanks with tanks is one way to handle the situation, assuming you have access to your own tank.


The truth is, the tanks can feel overpowered at first if you don't know how to counter them. But if you follow these basic tips and tricks, you will find that tanks are not quite as hard to deal with as you might first have thought.










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