Super Smash Bros. Ultimate pro Maister has money stolen from him


Maister has been having a good 2022. The Mr. Game & Watch main has been performing pretty well at tournaments and has started expanding his content, even planning an IRL stream from Six Flags Mexico. 


But on March 19, Maister revealed some pretty unfortunate news. Someone stole around $1,500 from him and it seems to be someone he knew or trusted in some way, although Maister hasn't explained just yet.


It wasn't a physical attack, Maister told fans, but all other details cannot be shared just yet until "everything that needs to be done is completed." This makes it sound like Maister is possibly aware of who stole the cash but doesn't want to explain the situation until it's resolved. 



Maister's fans, friends, and other pros said they were glad to hear that Maister was okay but were saddened to hear that he had lost that kind of money. Riddles offered to help if needed. Most wished him luck in sorting out the unfortunate situation. 


We will update this article with information as it is revealed. 

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