T1 rewrite LCK history with an undefeated regular season, 18-0

On Mar. 20, T1 rewrote LCK history by going undefeated throughout the regular season. They surpassed their original record of 14 straight wins and continued to win to record an undefeated season with 18 consecutive wins and no losses. Although several teams suffered from COVID-19, T1 managed the starting roster well and played all of their games with them.


During the stove league, T1 announced that they will be going with their original members — a team consisting of mostly rookies, which concerned many T1 fans. The concerns all turned out to be needless as all T1 did was win throughout the season.


The best record in the LCK up to now was SK Telecom T1’s 17-1, back in 2015, which was known as one of the best teams ever in LoL esports history. Their winning streak in 2015 was 14 straight games. Their hot streak continued on to Worlds that year where they won the championship, going undefeated throughout the tournament, and dropping just one game in the finals Bo5 series.


The only other undefeated season in LoL esports history was recorded by Fnatic back in 2015, in a Bo1 format. Back then, many thought this would never happen again, but T1 have done it, in a Bo3 format. As LCK’s regular season is in a best-of-3 format, T1 played 43 games to achieve their record — 36 wins and 7 losses.


2015 Fnatic and 2015 SK Telecom T1 both eventually went on to win the domestic championship in the playoffs. We’ll have to wait and see if 2022 T1 could do the same.

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