Overwatch APEX Challengers League - Manager and coach under investigation for match fixing

Individuals related to the match fixing of Overwatch APEX Challengers League on last February have been arrested without physical restraints.

The Cyber Bureau of Gyeonggi Bukbu Provincial Police Agency booked Seokhun Jin, the manager of Luminous Solar, and Minjae Baek, the coach of the team, for the charges of work interference and others.

The police charged the team for asking the opponent team to withdraw from the Overwatch APEX Challengers Offline Wildcard Qualifier.

According to the announcement posted on the official OGN website on Feb 13, the host company detected a number of evidences that the manager and the coach of Luminous Solar asked UnLimited, the opponent team, to drop out from the match with the potential sponsor in exchange. The company also found the conspiracy of deliberate refusal of continuing the ongoing match, and the fact that the team received a fake medical transcript in order to change one of the players in the team, Minsuk Son, with another.

To this, OGN disqualified Luminous Solar for entering all OGN related leagues, including this very league (although they allowed individual players to enter after joining other team, except the ones taken into disciplinary measure). The manager and the coach were permanently suspended from entering all OGN related leagues, and Yunsoo Choi from UnLimited was disqualified for playing in the next Challengers League for taking part in the act of conspiracy.

OGN also stated that, “As the host of the tournament, we sincerely apologize to our players and fans for this shameful incident, and we promise to take active actions on any foul act of every players and coaching staff, and do our best to help them find the right sportsmanship in future.”

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