Exclusive: Gigafin revealed for Hearthstone expansion: Voyage to the sunken city


Class: Warlock

Rarity: Legend

Type: Murloc

Mana: 8

Stats: 7/4


Colossal +1, Battlecry: Devour all enemy minions, Deathrattle: Spit them back out


Gigafin’s Maw

Class: Warlock

Rarity: Legend

Type: Murloc

Mana: 6

Stats: 4/7


Taunt, Deathrattle: Permanently destroy all minions inside Gigafin


Inven’s exclusive card reveal for Hearthstone: Voyage to the sunken city is Warlock legendary cards, Gigafin and Gigafin’s Maw. 


The background of Voyage to the sunken city is Zin-Azshari, which was the capital of Night Elves 10,000 years ago, but was sunk as the Well of Eternity collapsed. Queen Azshara and the Highborne almost went down with the city, but they were saved by the old gods. They were turned into Naga and built their own city, Nazjatar.


As the new expansion is underwater, you’ll be able to see many different Naga and underwater creatures. For Warlocks, Gigafin and Gigafin Maw will be added as legendary murlocs.


There is a new keyword: Colossal. When a minion with this keyword is summoned, an additional card follows. When Gigafin is summoned, it brings out Gigafin’s Maw. Through its field ability, it can be utilized in many different ways.


Gigafin is a single 8-mana card that can play a 7/4 minion and a 4/7 taunt minion, so on paper, it’s a pretty strong card. Additionally, its Battlecry devours all enemy minions. This can aid in gaining priority on the board. However, its Deathrattle releases all the devoured minions, so there are risks in playing the card.


Overall, Gigafin is quite useful in delaying the tempo of the opponent as it can clear the opponent’s board while playing two minions. It is necessary to make additional adjustments because of the Deathcry, but it definitely has potential. Up to now, the meta rotated around spells or OTKs, but a battlefield meta just might be in order. In that meta, this card could be a great way to gain priority on the board.


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