Dr Disrespect draws mixed reactions to Midnight Society Founders NFT drop announcement

Dr Disrespect hosted his "Midnight Society Day Zero" stream on Tuesday, with thousands tuning in to get what they thought would be a glimpse at his upcoming game, which is code-named "Project Moon". However, he instead announced his new 10,000 NFT Founders Pass Access pass for the new game which comes in the form of an NFT. The NFTs will be $50 each, with only 10,000 people being granted access to the Founders Pass through an online application process.


According to the Midnight Society website, the new NFTs will include various benefits for the purchasers, including early access builds, voting rights on features, and a unique procedurally generated PFP digital collectible for each person who applies and is approved for the NFT drop. Those interested in the NFT for whatever reason have the next week to apply, and if approved will then have the chance to buy the Founder pass.



The announcement of the NFT project related to his upcoming Midnight Society developed game drew mixed reactions from his audience, with some people seeing it as a positive, but a large group of people also seeing it as an "L".  While the game itself will be free to anyone who wants to play, a large portion of the gaming community still opposes NFTs from game developers even when they are optional. Ubisoft, for example, has received large amounts of backlash for their attempts to incorporate NFTs into their games.


"A steak house doesn't give a sh*t what a vegan thinks" the Doc stated in response to critiques of NFTs during his stream. "This is no quick cash grab, we aren't interested in that, it's pretty obvious what the message is, and the intention behind it.  You think I am interested in a cash grab? We are going to go out and raise 50 to 100 million."


Dr Disrespect announced his initial plans to develop his own game under his newly founded studio Midnight Society in 2021. The game, which will presumably be a first-person shooter, is Dr Disrespect's first game, and the Doc has promised to rely heavily on his community and involve them in the feedback process. Based on Tuesday's announcement, it seems the primary source of that feedback will be the 10,000 people who paid for access to his founder's club via the new NFT drop.



Dr Disrespect reveals his new AAA game studio 'Midnight Society'


The Doc explained his thought process behind the development of the game, saying, "we can't just disappear and be gone, and be like 'hey, see you later.' then two and a half years later say 'spent 50 million dollars on this project, and hope it does well. well, go ahead and release it,' you just can't do that anymore. Gotta involve the people, man. The people who play the games."


The NFT announcement was not received as well as the Doc may have been hoping. Not only were there many people unhappy with the NFT drop, but there were also many who thought the publicized "Day Zero" stream would feature the first look at the game itself, something that was not provided, with the stream instead being a high production pitch for his new NFT program. So there was a lot of disappointment in the chat, though there were plenty of excited viewers as well.

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