IRL Streamer CashMeow violently assaulted at restaurant in Japan

Source: CashMeow

A clip of IRL streamer CashMeow being assaulted in Japan went viral over the weekend. In the clip, the streamer is sitting just outside a restaurant on a Japanese street when suddenly he was accosted by multiple assailants who attacked him with their fists, forcing the streamer to the ground before running away. The assault left CashMeow with multiple visible bruises and lacerations, but luckily no serious, permanent damage.


Warning: The following clip is violent, so viewer discretion is advised.



The clip of Cash being violently attacked came as a follow up to an earlier incident with the same group of men, where CashMeow got into a verbal confrontation with them, reportedly because they were harassing a woman. In that clip, several men, one of whom claimed to be a Columbian tourist, were bullying CashMeow after he stepped in. They took Cash's cup of water before starting a verbal argument, getting up in his face, spitting on him, and then apparently attempting to break Cash's streaming equipment.  


Onstream sometime later, CashMeow could be seen reporting the situation to the police, including showing clips of the initial confrontation from his stream to the officer. A few minutes after reporting it to the police, the men returned and beat Cash in a violent, unprovoked attack. Later, Cash said he would seek medical attention, but didn't seem seriously harmed by the incident beyond some cuts and bruises.



He reported the second attack to multiple officers, once again remaining on stream during the report.


In follow-up comments about the incident, CashMeow said, "I just want them deported dude. I don't want their money or anything. I don't want them to do it to someone else, that is all. That is the only thing I am hoping for, a swift jail time and then immediate deportation."


The incident gained notoriety online, with xQc and other streamers reacting to the situation on their own streams. It isn't confirmed whether the Japanese police caught all the assailants, though some are reporting that one of the police radio communications that can be heard on stream sounded like they had at least caught the Columbian tourist who initially started the confrontation.

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