T1 Gumayusi: "I’ll make sure to teach Deft who the better bot laner is."

On day 40 of the 2022 LCK Spring split, T1 defeated Fredit BRION 2-0 and set a new record of going 16-0 in the regular split of the LCK. T1’s bot laner, Lee “Gumayusi” Min-hyeong, showcased his signature flashy plays on Zeri in game 1, and on Samira in game 2.

After the match, Gumayusi joined Inven for a post-match interview.

Thoughts on the victory?


I’m really happy that we continued on our win streak, and on champions that are fun to play as well.


How did you react when the entire starting Fredit BRION roster tested positive for COVID?


How does that happen… It’s very unfortunate. However, we were confident no matter who our opponents were, so we gave it our all in our match tonight.


How did you feel when Zeri was left open in game 1?


I was excited about the fun I was going to have. Not only was I confident on Zeri, I also personally like the champion a lot, so I had a lot of fun. I think I deserved POG [Player of the Game] in game 1 [laughter].

What can you tell us about the Samira pick in game 2, which is a champion you haven’t played in a while?


Samira requires a lot of conditions to be fulfilled in order to be picked, and those conditions were met tonight. Also, Riot keeps buffing marksman champions recently, and Samira’s one of the champions that keep receiving buffs, so I think we’ll see more of her in the future.


Keria’s Zac support also garnered a lot of attention. Wasn’t it supposed to be a pocket pick?


We picked Zac because of her synergy with Samira. On whether or not being a pocket pick… We have a lot prepared, and even if we give a sneak peek of it, we know that our opponents won’t know how to deal with it anyways, so it’s totally fine. [On the broadcast interview, Zeus mentioned Ekko support as well] Keria thinks outside the box when it comes to the support champion pool, so if he thinks it’s good, he just plays it.


Is there anything you’d like to say to 'Gamin,' Fredit BRION’s CL bot laner who subbed in for Hena?


He’s a very young player, so the experience gap that existed tonight was inevitable. I hope that he learned a lot from tonight’s match.


T1’s now 16-0. How hungry are you for the undefeated run in the regular split?


If we manage to go undefeated, I think I’ll be very satisfied by the record when I look back in the future. However, what’s important right now is winning the championship, so I’m focused on the playoffs.


Are there any other milestones that you’d like to set?


I want to be on top and untouchable in terms of the important stats as a bot laner.  I want the fans to immediately mention my name when people ask the question, “Who’s the best bot laner ever?”


That must mean that you’re also very eager to be picked for the upcoming Asian Games.


Honestly, I’m really hungry for that spot. We have an upcoming match against DRX, and even if I beat him, it won’t mean that I’ll be chosen for the Asian Games. However, I’ll make sure to teach Deft who the better bot laner is [laughter].


Currently, Faker and Keria are the top two contenders to be chosen for the Asian Games. According to how it was in 2018, there was a limit of two players per team.


If the same limitations are set this year, I won’t have any complaints about Faker and Keria being chosen. However, what’s important is the players’ abilities, so I think it’s better that the bot duo gets chosen. Even if I don’t end up getting chosen because of such limitations, I’ll prove that I’m the best in terms of skills.


Does that mean you’ve hit your peak?


I haven’t hit it yet. I plan on continuing to improve.


T1 is confirmed 1st place in the regular split standings. Who do you want to face in round 2 of the playoffs?


Personally, I want to play against DWG KIA so that I can send them home quickly. I can feel them continuing to get better, so I have to send them home before they get too good. If I could, I’d love to make them not qualify for Worlds this year [laughter].

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