Riddles apologizes after Smash community accuses him of using racial slur on Nairo stream

Source: SmashWiki


Top Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player Riddles decided to release a TwitLonger after he was accused of saying a racial slur on stream. 


On March 10, Riddles was on Nairo's stream when many viewers felt they heard Riddles say the "n word." Some offended fans dug up some old content on Riddles social media, including the Canadian Smash player quote tweeting a tweet that also said the same slur. 


" I recognize that this presents what looks like a terrible pattern of behavior," Riddles wrote. 



According to Riddles, the clip was taken out of context. Before the clip started, Nairo read out loud that Riddles had to play Richter on stream at the suggestion of a donation. In response, Riddles replied with a sentence containing the words "nah" and "Richter." But friends allegedly told Riddles that it hadn't sounded like Richter and instead sounded like the racial slur. 


"I understand why it may be hard to believe but I truly, truly mean it when I say that, in my head, I was trying to say the words 'nah' and 'Richter,'" Riddles explained. 


Despite the slip-up being an alleged mistake, Riddles still apologized for anyone he offended. He said that he recognizes the "damage" the word can do and the "additional damage" he caused by not addressing the incident sooner. 


Riddles concluded: "I can swear on my life that this isn't a word I use in my daily vocabulary at all. I strongly condemn the use of the word and I want to say one more time that I'm honestly sorry and will learn from this for the future." 


The response to Riddles' TwitLonger was mixed. Some felt that Riddles was continuing to deny that he said the "n word" and should just admit it. Some felt that "Richter" and the racial slur are nowhere near similar enough to be misheard. But others felt that the context of it being the "n word" made no sense. 


Many in the Smash community actually felt that even if Riddles had said the "n word" it didn't matter. Some said he was "invited to the cookout" and that they were not offended. EE added that Riddles shouldn't let "drones" trick him into thinking the issue was "that deep."


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