Hungrybox shows off HDR modding program for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

Source: Chia / Hungrybox YouTube


Hungrybox was recently given early access to HewDraw Remix (HDR), which is essentially Project M for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. In a recent YouTube video, Hungrybox and his YouTube channel manager, Chia, showed off their first time playing HDR. 


Chia described HDR as a "really good mix" of Melee, Ultimate, and Project M. The Ultimate modding program also featured new stages, new gameplay mechanics, and a special new costume for Jigglypuff made just for Hungrybox. 


Said Chia: "The physics are completely different from Ultimate's directional air dodge, very quick and stuff. The wavedashing, as you get used to it, is actually really smooth. And there are different balances." 



While Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is considered a great competitive fighting game in the Smash scene, there are often comparisons to Melee which can't be helped. Many players feel that Ultimate is missing a few things that would make it feel even more aggressive and competitive, which is what HDR aims to provide. There are changes to ledge hogging, knockback. 


"It's in between Ultimate and Melee," Hungrybox said, admitting it will take a little bit of getting used to. 


Hungrybox couldn't hide his smile, however, when he realized that he could wake up a lot sooner after a Rest than he could in Ultimate. 


The response from the Super Smash Bros. community has been mixed. The HDR creators have explained that some things have changed since Hungrybox got his hands on the early version, making the game a bit more polished. But most of the complaints are from Ultimate fans who aren't sure they really want the game to be more "Melee-like" to begin with. 


Still, many fans have already downloaded HDR to give it a try themselves. 



Players interested in learning more about HewDraw Remix and what changes the mod brought to Ultimate can check out the HDR Discord

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