"We'll let the courts decide:" Jeff Witteck threatens to sue David Dobrik over horrific accident

Source: Jeff Witteck/David Dobrick

After years avoiding legal action against David Dobrik, Jeff Witteck announced on Wednesday that he does now plan to sue Dobrick over the horrific accident that took place two years ago during a stunt for David Dobrik's YouTube channel that left Witteck severely injured, prompting 9 surgeries on his eye in an attempt to save his eyesight in one eye.


The legal threat comes after David Dobrick finally broke his silence with a video earlier this week, apologizing for his negligence and addressing the situation for the first time in public.


 "I appreciate it Dave, after the last hour of slander," Wittick said sarcastically in response to the new video. "I am not going to beat you up anymore. I am just going to take this the right way, the smart way, and let the courts decide. You know? You are making a lot of statements here that are very untrue, that are so easy to disprove, so let's just let the courts decide, and you'll have to sign a paper that says 'yeah this was a lie and I am guilty of this, and this and that' and we can go that route about it."



The accident in question took place in 2020, when Witteck was swinging from an excavator controller directly by Dobrik while serving as a member of Dobrik's "Vlog Squad." The injury left Witteck partially blind in one eye and with multiple skull fractures, though he has recovered some of his eyesight as a result of his multiple surgeries. For a while, Witteck was quiet about the source of his injuries, but eventually revealed the full story in April of 2021 in a video series titled "Don't Try This At Home".



In a 53-minute apology video regarding the incident published on Tuesday, titled "Discussing what happened," Dobrik took some blame for failing to handle the situation correctly. He also claimed that Jeff wanted to do the stunt, showing a DM from Witteck suggesting the idea, as if that is some type of legal coverage for negligence. He further claimed that he tried to reach out to Jeff to pay for the surgeries, but that he never heard back.



The catastrophic injuries that Witteck experienced during the Dobrik stunt is the latest allegation of misconduct targeted at Dobrik,  who was also implicated in the alleged rape of a woman during the shooting of one of his videos by Vlog Squad member Dom Zeglaitis in 2018. That situation was revealed in an Insider report in March of 2021, accusing Zeglaitis of taking advantage of a woman who was drunk to have non-consensual sex with her during one of the Vlog Squad's video shoots.


As a result of that scandal, Dobrik lost numerous sponsors, including DoorDash, EA Sports, and Dollar Shave club.


For now, Witteck has only issued a threat of a lawsuit, we will keep our eye out for when an official complaint is filed in US courts.

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