"I consider myself underrated right now": BassMage reflects on Smash Ultimate Summit 4, Smash World Tour Championships


Nobody could have expected BassMage at Smash Ultimate Summit 4. Not even BassMage.


The Jigglypuff main had gained some notoriety for being a really, really good player, especially in Arizona. But BassMage kept showing up at tournaments and the community was getting curious, including Hungrybox. 


After an incredible run at one of Hungrybox's online tournaments, Hungrybox vowed to support the young Jigglypuff player, helping him secure one of the last spots at Smash Ultimate Summit 4, one of the most important Ultimate Majors of 2022. 



This was huge. 


There is no surprise that two Jigglymain players called BassMage's Summit spot "clutch." But the truth is that BassMage most definitely earned it. Inven Global had chatted with BassMage at the Smash World Tour Championship at the end of 2021, learning more about BassMage's positive and hopeful look into the future after an incredible run at the Major. 



Back at the Smash World Tour Championship

How has your time at Smash World Tour been? 


It went better than I expected. I didn't know if I'd make it out or not but I beat the best player in Europe, Glutonny. I beat one of the best players in NY and a really good player from the Dominican Republic. 


How did it feel to perform so well?


It definitely felt nice. I mean, people weren't expecting me to do well so it was nice to prove people wrong. 


Why do you think people weren't expecting you to do well? 


Because of my character and I'm still getting better. I consider myself underrated right now but not by a big margin. 


When did you start playing competitively?


I started in Smash 4. I played Ultimate immediately on day one, going to every single event. My results got way better in Ultimate than Smash 4. So I just kept playing. 


Why Jigglypuff?


In Smash 4, I first played Kirby. But I switched to Jiggly for the air mobility and she was fun to play so I kept playing her. 



What are the weaknesses that make people doubt her? 


She's very, very, very light and it's very hard for her to get in to a lot of characters. She has a short range. So swordies can destroy her sometimes when you're first picking up Puff. You have to get used to everything beating your moves out, which can be very frustrating. 


Do you have tricks or tips for overcoming her shortcomings?


My goal is to keep center stage as my rule. I try to keep center stage the entire time to make sure I'm not at the ledge which is way more of a disadvantage than being center stage. I try to parry. I try to use everything I can. I go for a lot more grabs as well. 


How often do you practice?


Before SWT, for two days, I practiced for eight hours a day. Usually, I play around one to two hours a day at worse. 


Do you think it's true that Melee players practice more than Ultimate players?


Easily. It's getting a lot better for Ultimate top players. Ultimate top players are practicing way more than they used to. I do think Melee players practice two to three times as much. They just want it way more. 


Why do you think that is?


It's a much more technically demanding game and there's a lot more stuff to practice compared to Ultimate, where it's more neutral based and learning matchups. Melee is more intense — they have to practice so many more things. 


A lot of people say Byleth is good now, even top tier. But it's just because MkLeo is so good with Byleth. Do you think Jigglypuff has similar potential or do you think you're just making her look good?


I think she is underrated but I don't think she is some crazy character. She is better than people say. 


Can other good players bring her to the top?


I think other people could do it. But the Jiggly playerbase is lazy since there's not much to practice. And who can people watch to analyze? 


Do you think people watch you now?


Now, yeah. And people are getting better with her. Some from Japan. 



You have played at a lot of locals. Was Smash World Tour one of the biggest events you've gone to? 


I've done Majors. But in terms of prestige, this is the biggest one, yeah. I'm new to the bigger events. 


How did it feel? 


It felt nice. I was playing a lot. I was nervous but got over it really fast. I have to get used to really good players. My region is pretty weak in comparison. There aren't any crazy players. 



How do you get around the lack of top players in your region?


A lot of analysis on players. 


What country/region has continued to surprise you?


Japan is really, really good. They're so good. They're all very talented and always trying to improve. Japan has a way different view on Ultimate than America. If you look at their tier lists and opinions, they're way different. In Japan, they put Jiggly as bottom three, even bottom one. But here, people consider her low to mid-tier. I think she's better than that but the general consensus is middle tier. 


What are your current goals? 


When I was younger, I completed all Ultimate goals in the first six months of the game. My dream is to hit top 50. I think I'm there in North America but I don't know about world. 


What will you do to get to top 50?


I have to keep playing and eventually the results will show. That's how I always think about it. If you keep trying and keep attempting, you will get better. 


What do you think of Nintendo's supposed circuit? 


I'm excited. I'll be entering on the spot for sure. I want to see what happens. It will be an experience either way. 


What if it has items? 


I guess I'll have to learn the item meta. Some people I know love items. 


What items will help Puff?


Big Puff would be really funny. 


Fast forward to Smash Ultimate Summit 4

BassMage went on to say after the interview that he appreciates everyone who supports him, saying he feels like he's just a "random person" who isn't that big. He just wants to keep playing. 


But since Smash World Tour, BassMage has proven he isn't just some random Jiggly player. The support he received during his Smash Ultimate Summit 4 campaign was huge. And his performance at Summit was incredible. Top 8 is wild, especially when all of the competitors are considered the best in the entire world. 



And BassMage is confident he can do more. All he has to do is keep playing. And he has been. Said BassMage on Twitter: "7th at Summit, lost to Proto. He outplayed me hard, I can’t be mad. I worked super hard, I think this is the start of something." 



Since Smash Ultimate Summit 4, BassMage has continued to grind. Summit 4 was a chance for him to be in skits, compete in fun events, grind with the best of the best. BassMage is more immersed into the world of competitive Ultimate than ever before. 


There is no question he is the best Ultimate Jiggly in the world. 


But that's just the start. Don't rest on BassMage. 

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