Vetheo: "I don't think I am the best at all."

Source: LoL Esports

Vincent "Vetheo" Berrié’s skill has taken off like a rocket. Over the Split, he has cemented himself as one of the most talented mid laners in the regions. Some of the other talents took a while — Marek "Humanoid" Brázda took some time to polish. Emil "Larssen" Larsson seemed only good on mages for a while. Vetheo looks ready. He has some of the most impressive carry jobs of the Split, and always performed at a good level. He is without a doubt one of the front runner’s for LEC’s MVP award. 


Inven Global spoke with Vetheo, to discuss his improvement, how Misfits will do in playoffs, and his thoughts on potentially winning the MVP award.


Last year, many people (including some Misfits players) believed the team didn’t have a defined style. You guys are in a somewhat similar ranking, how is this team different than last year?


I don't think it's that different, to be honest. I think we don't really have a playstyle yet, and we need time to find one. The only thing we are is a good team-fight team. We play good fights — even when far behind. And that was kind of the same last year.


How would you say that affects your chances going into playoffs?


We'll see people obviously rating us worse than our standing right now, because we didn't show anything in playoffs. But I don't think that you really need a playstyle or whatever to make good playoffs. You just have to play well individually and together. And that's what we need to work on. We will have a break before playoffs that we can improve on this, and become better at our early games and mid game. But I don't think you need a certain playstyle to do well in playoffs.


You've become one of the most hyped players this year. What do you think the biggest area of growth for you has been? What was your focus?


I think my focus was to be way more consistent than last year, and about macro and communication — how to communicate what I needed from my team. I think that those were things I wanted to be way better at, while still working on my strengths. So I think I have a way better laning phase than last year, and I need to keep working on my laning phase and fights.


Source: LoL Esports


You also showed a very deep champion pool. Was this a focus as well, or were you hiding this?


I've always played a lot of champs, but I think I was confident on way fewer champs than right now. But I don't think that I play way more champs than last year. It's just I can show it more, because I'm more confident on whether I can pull it off and play it.


What's been the process of your jump? Was it just a matter of experience?


It's mostly time and experience. I've played probably the same amount now as Spring and Summer last year. I’ve always played a lot, and I just needed time and experience, and confidence. 


You’ve stated your goal is to be the best mid laner in LEC. Could you already be there? Many people have you as the MVP.


No, I don't think I'm there yet. I mean, I might be the best performing mid laner in the Spring Split, but I don't think I am the best at all. And I need to show good playoffs and keep improving on my weaknesses. And after that, I will be the best.


I talked with Selfmade about what teams he’s worried about in playoffs, and he says he’s 90% sure Misfits won’t be good in playoffs. He says Misfits are a very basic team. How would you respond?


I can kind of understand why he would say that. And you can't say that you're right before you show that these people are wrong. The fact that people still think that of us is because we haven’t proven them wrong yet. And, to be honest, last year everyone said that we would get smashed in playoffs by Rogue and it'd be over. And then we made it to five games and almost won. So while I can understand and I think it's normal, we just need to show that they're wrong.


What have been your impressions of Reeker? He was the new hyped rookie for the LEC. Besides inexperience, why do you think it’s been a hard adjustment for him in the LEC?


I think he's way too underrated. People are really putting every bad thing that is happening in MAD to him. And he's really fine. I don't think he's bad at all. I just think he needs time. Every new mid laner — there is a gap between top ERL and LEC. And people don't realize that before playing LEC, and that you need time to adjust to the laning. I think that's what he needed. That's what I needed last Spring Split. So I don't think he is bad at all.



You had one of the greatest comebacks in European history, and were the driving force behind that game. Walk me through your mentality for that match.


Nobody forfeits in a team game on stage. You have to play it.  You work for 12 hours every day, every week, and you play only two stage games every week. If one goes bad, you play it. You won't forfeit all your training by giving up a stage game. I think we can improve, even if G2 played badly. But you can always say that the enemy might make mistakes. And if they do, you will win and you can win. And if they don't, it's whatever, at least you gave your best.


Even if it's not really the plan to make comebacks, you won't say "I won’t to come back into the game". MAD Lions last year had a lot of games like this, where they were behind at 15-20 minutes, and then they just keep playing better fights and keep outplaying their enemies and winning those games. You have to play it.


This past year you've shown your fondness for LCK mid laners. How do LPL mid laners compare right now?


Rookie is the best probably from what I've seen. Then, you have Xiaohu, Scout, and Doinb. They are all really good. I am not sure if they are better than LCK because I watch much more LCK than LPL to be fair, but I think Rookie might be the best mid laner in the world right now.


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