Sparg0 gets first Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Major win at Smash Ultimate Summit 4

Source: Beyond the Summit


2021 was an incredibly intense year for Sparg0. The young Ultimate player was widely considered the second-best in the world and continuously came close to winning every Major he entered. But he never won a Major. Not even once. 


Now, Sparg0 has come out the winner at Smash Ultimate Summit 4, the biggest Ultimate event of 2022 thus far. He not only earned a knife (which will be mailed to him since it can't be brought on the plane) but has finally secured a Major win. And he is just 16 years old. 



Sparg0's Summit run was incredible, almost flawless. He went 3-1 against Lavis, 3-0 against Elegant, 3-0 against Tea, 3-1 against Chag, and even 3-1 against MkLeo, who didn't seem as strong on Byleth as he did in previous tournaments. It's possible that everyone has learned the matchup and, being a mid-tier, Byleth may have no answers. 


But then Sparg0 was up against Light. The Moist Esports pro had a crazy run at Smash Con in 2021 that resulted in him taking down Sparg0 at a Major that was thought to be an easy first place for the teenager. Now, Sparg0's Cloud and Light's Fox met again. 


In the Winners Finals of the Top 8, the two talented players faced off in an intensely close 3-2 match. Going to a fifth game had the casters, players, and viewers on edge. Light started off ahead but Sparg0 was quick to catch up each time Light got a KO. 


"I just gotta come back and do more," Light said after the match. 



Sparg0's Cloud was just looking incredible. Casters asked Sparg0 if he felt this would finally be his Major to win. 


"I would like to think so. I don't want to get too confident though. I still have one more set," Sparg0 answered. 


Sparg0 stuck with Cloud for the Grand Finals, feeling confident in the matchup. This was a bit more one-sided, a 3-0 set. 



"I finally did it," Sparg0 said after. "It feels pretty good. Summit being my first Major win feels really good." 


Sparg0 admitted he was nervous in the Grand Finals. But he felt if he beat MkLeo in the semi-finals he knew he could beat Light and win the tournament. But he still felt a twinge of uncertainty since he has come in second so many times. 


Now, Sparg0 is awaiting a sponsorship. 

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