"This was my time": Glutonny defeats MkLeo in reverse sweep in Smash Ultimate Summit 4 Group A


Glutonny has been having an amazing run at Smash Ultimate Summit 4. He ended his flawless run through Group A by defeating MkLeo in a reverse sweep. 


MkLeo is often said to be the best Super Smash Bros. Ultimate player, undisputed. He has consistently taken tournaments, came out victorious at Majors. He made Byleth seem viable. He is a versatile and clutch player, always reinventing how Smash is played. But Glutonny wasn't about to give up. 


After going 2-0, Glutonny fought hard to stay alive. He started to adapt a lot more to MkLeo's crazy moves, seeming to always be ready with an insane reaction. His Wario was pulling off crazy combos and even getting KO's with Waft, which has been nerfed significantly. It was definitely a sight to see. 


Glutonny explained that he's been able to grind and adapt to international players since Tuesday, when he landed. It's no secret that the competition in Europe isn't as strong, leaving Glutonny and other top players unsure if what they are pulling off would actually work against top players like MkLeo. 


"I learned so much. I feel free in my gameplay. I was stuck to certain gameplay and thinking of an optimal way to play, getting tunnel vision. Now I discovered so many different things. The game is not so linear. You have to mix up so much," Glutonny said after the victory. 


Glutonny and MkLeo are friends who practice all the time. But so far, MkLeo has been the one destroying Gluttony at tournaments. This 3-2 victory was something new for the two pro Ultimate players. 


Said Glutonny after his crazy pop-off: "This was my time." 


This leaves MkLeo with a shocking 1-2 record in Group A. Earlier in the tournament, MkLeo fell to Light, one of the Moist boys. Light is a relatively new face when it comes to being seen as one of the top players, proving his Fox at Smash Con last year. But nobody would have guessed that Light would take down the titan himself at such an important tournament. 



While Glutonny was so happy that he "destroyed everything," knocking over a chair and crushing his solo cup during his pop-off, MkLeo is clearly having a more difficult time. It will be interesting to see if the best Smash player in the world can come back from such an underwhelming start to Summit. 

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