Inven Global Smash Awards WINNER: Best Ultimate Event


We have finally concluded the votes for the inaugural Inven Global Smash Awards, which celebrated the best players, content, and talent in the competitive Smash scene. This was an important endeavor for Inven's Smash team since the community has been the driving factor keeping the esports scene alive. It's full of passionate players, fans, and TOs that care more about Smash than anything else. 


The Inven Global Smash Awards are showcasing the Smash community and what makes us great. It's now time for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game that significantly changed Smash's competitive scene and celebrated what it truly means to be a Smash fan with a colorful, gigantic roster and a varied pro scene like never seen previously. 


Here is the best Ultimate event of 2021, voted by a panel of experts, journalists, and pros from the scene.

Best Ultimate Event: Mainstage 2021


Mainstage 2021 was like a showcase of the top talent in Ultimate, making the competition fierce and the sets wild to watch. Mainstage 2021 was exciting to watch from start to finish thanks to incredible performances from MkLeo, Sparg0, Tea, Dabuz, Kola, Tweek, Gluttony, VoiD, and Maister. 


Held in Ontario, California, the event felt international in scale thanks to the abundance of players from all over coming for a chance to qualify for The Smash World Tour. It all came down to Mexico, however — to nobody's surprise. The finals match was between MkLeo and Sparg0, the number one and number two players in the world, both from Mexico. 


It was a moment where fans thought Sparg0 would finally take down the greatest player in the world and win a Major. But MkLeo couldn't let that happen just yet. While a letdown for Sparg0 and his fans, it did set up some incredible storylines for the rest of 2021 and 2022 — MkLeo continues to be undefeated... Who will finally take him down? And when will Sparg0 win a Major? 


Best Ultimate Event: Community Award

Mainstage 2021: 63.6%

Smash Summit 3: 27.3%

Riptide 2021: 9.1%


Mainstage sweeped the community vote as well. There is no denying that it was just a super fun event to watch. Whether you were at the event feeling the intensity of each match or you were at home watching insane plays online, Mainstage 2021 just felt like some of the most exciting matchups in all of 2021. But it's no surprise to see Smash Summit 3 up there as well, since watching Tweek beat MkLeo with Diddy Kong 3-0 was undeniably insane. 


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