G2 Esports penalized reportedly for using controversial Jett "exploit" in VCT match

Source: G2 Esports

G2 Esports received a penalty in a competitive ruling from Riot on Friday, reportedly over the use of an "exploit" where you can use Jett's passive Glide to get on top of a box on Split. As a result of the penalty, they will lose a map ban during their upcoming VCT EMEA Challengers match against Acent.



"Tournament officials were made aware of the exploit and after further investigation confirmed its use," Riot stated in their ruling on Friday. "Intentional use of an in-game bug to seek an advantage is explicitly prohibited. All teams are expected to uphold the standards of competitive integrity outlined in the VALORANT Global Competition Policy."


While Riot did not specify what the exploit was, the penalty appears to be related to the use of a Jett ability that allows her to reach the top of a box on the Haven C site. Players are allowed to use Jett's Updraft to reach the box, according to tournament officials, however using her passive glide ability to do it is apparently an exploit, though many have argued that using a movement ability to reach a spot is not an exploit.


Sentinels player TenZ discussed his opinion on this "exploit" a couple of weeks ago.


He said: "You wanna hear the most ridiculous thing, what the admin said? The admin said you can do the C jump, but you are not allowed to do it with Jett's passive ability. So if you are Jett and you want this jump, you have to do it without the passive, then it's allowed. But if you use Jett's passive in any way, then it's illegal. I don't know how that makes any sense at all, you are literally using your character's ability to glide to accomplish the jump."



G2's penalty will be applied to their next match against Acent, which could end up mattering in the challenging match for the team.


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