Inven Global Smash Awards WINNER: Best Ultimate Caster


We have finally concluded the votes for the inaugural Inven Global Smash Awards, which celebrated the best players, content, and talent in the competitive Smash scene. This was an important endeavor for Inven's Smash team since the community has been the driving factor keeping the esports scene alive. It's full of passionate players, fans, and TOs that care more about Smash than anything else. 


The Inven Global Smash Awards are showcasing the Smash community and what makes us great. It's now time for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a game that significantly changed Smash's competitive scene and celebrated what it truly means to be a Smash fan with a colorful, gigantic roster and a varied pro scene like never seen previously. 


Here is the best Ultimate caster of 2021, voted by a panel of experts, journalists, and pros from the scene.

Best Ultimate Caster: TKbreezy


When it comes to Ultimate casters, the competition is stiff. There are so many impactful, creative, and exciting voices in the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate scene. For Terrence "TKbreezy" Kershaw to stand out to the extent he is an accomplishment all its own.


TKbreezy is known for his incredible game knowledge, hilarious timing, and ability to entertain no matter the circumstance. He is an experienced caster who makes watching Ultimate matches fun and meaningful. Able to switch from completely serious and insightful to insanely comical and quick-witted, TKbreezy is one of the best casters in the scene. 


Even when TKbreezy is casting with EE or Coney, you can't help but really tune in to everything the man says. His enjoyable conversations and ability to adapt to any situation makes him not only dynamic but just plain talented. 2021 was a great year for TKbreezy to show off his casting style with the return of many big LAN events. 


But 2021 was also the year that TKbreezy showed off his content creation skills. He has been killing it on YouTube, making him one of the best content creators in the Ultimate scene as well thanks to his humor, reactions, and insight into the game. TKbreezy stands for what makes the Ultimate community what it is — passionate, talented, and putting their heart into the scene. 


Best Ultimate Caster: Community Award

Coney: 45.4%

TKbreezy: 19.2%

Max Ketchum: 15.4%


It's no surprise that the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate community felt so passionately about Zak "Coney" Zeeks. The man is seen as a veteran caster who is just naturally talented at the craft. He may not show up to many events or commentate as many matches as other casters, but when Coney is there it makes all the difference in the world. It's like listening to someone with all of the Ultimate knowledge you'd ever need. It's like listening to an old friend. It's like listening to a professional because that's what he is. 


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