Amouranth is now selling jars of her farts and hot tub water for ridiculous prices

Source: Amouranth

Amouranth revealed her newest business on Monday called cutiepatooties, where she will be selling jars of her "scent" including a fart and one of her hairs, as well as hot tub water from her on-stream hot tub shenanigans. You can pick up a jar of Hot Tub Water for $199.99 or a Scent jar for $999.99.  This is the latest business venture from the Twitch streamer turned aggressive capitalist, who has also bought a gas station and a plastic ball company in the past year. 


"Have you ever wondered what your favorite streamer smells like? Now is your chance to find out," the streamers stated on her brand new cutiepatooties website, where you can buy her new products.


The scent jars are made using Amouranth's "real human hair" and one of her fart "clouds" with each jar being autographed by the streamer. There are limited quantities of only 1000 jars, so if this is a product you want... for some reason, then you better get a move on.


Her "Hot Tub Water, by Amouranth" product is similar. It is collected from her on-stream hot tub, and is also being sold in limited quantities of only 3000. The jars for both products are numbered, so you can proudly display your very own, non-fungible jar of Amouranth's scent or hot tub water respectively.


She proudly proclaims that both products are "ethically sourced. made in the USA," which is technically true in both situations. 


" We at Cutie Patooties believe that the best farts are those that are naturally occurring," Amouranth stated on the site. "Thus, the team works tirelessly to bottle and collect the clouds whenever the right moment strikes. It is our highest priority to ensure Amouranth is well taken care of and given the highest quality of life in exchange for her efforts. We have ensured she is able to live free-range and in the highest quality conditions with little daily life interruptions, with our team’s only intervention occurring when it is time to capture a cloud."


The new products are available for pre-order now, for those of you that want this.




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