Wemade unveil new staking game MIRAGE for MIR4

The following was sent to Inven Global as a Press Release


SEOUL, SOUTH KOREA, February 25, 2022 – Wemade has unveiled a new NFT character staking game, MIRAGE, expanding the multiverse of its widely acclaimed MMORPG game, MIR4


MIRAGE is a revolutionary staking game set in a parallel universe that exists separately from MIR4 while still interlinked with the ecosystem powered by Draco. Players can enlist their NFT characters from MIR4 on the web-based MIRAGE world in order to mine various Hidden Valley nodes for Darksteel and Septaria. MIRAGE offers a new approach to staking, built on the fundamentals of macromanagement through the gamification of character NFTs as playable assets, thereby expanding the range of economic activity within the MIR4 ecosystem.


Players will need a WEMIX Wallet account to participate and must enlist one or more NFT characters to their MIRAGE roster. Those without a MIR4 game account can still participate by logging in to the WEMIX Wallet. 


Entrance to MIRAGE’s Hidden Valley requires Vigor, which can be obtained in exchange for Hydra, a game token in MIR4. There is a maximum number of characters that can be staked in each Hidden Valley, and, once a Hidden Valley is full, other players can attempt to ‘Assault’ the weakest character NFT in the valley. If the attack is successful, the staking of the lowest ranked NFT character is removed and that NFT character has a chance to become wounded, which temporarily restricts the wounded character from re-entering the Hidden Valley. Up to five NFT characters can be staked in each Hidden Valley, and if more than two characters are placed, then additional party bonuses will be given. 


Wemade will continue to develop exciting new systems to expand MIRAGE, the multiverse of MIR4, and build the inter-games ecosystem.


Wemade offers a global blockchain platform, WEMIX, on which games of all genres can be transformed into blockchain games. Many games are currently being serviced on WEMIX, and it aims to service 100 games whose key currency is WEMIX Token prior to 2022 year-end.

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