Luger on the CLG vs TSM rivalry in 2022: "It's still hype for me to be on CLG and play against TSM."


Counter Logic Gaming have moved to 2-6 in the 2022 LCS Spring Split after defeating longtime rival TSM. Both teams came into the game tied for last place with a record of 1-6, but it was CLG who was victorious. After the match, Counter Logic Gaming AD carry Fatih "Luger" Güven spoke to Inven Global about the match, his individual proficiency as an AD carry,  and his own relation to the rivalry between CLG and TSM.


Congratulations on defeating TSM. What was the game plan coming into this match?


We took Jinx first pick and we played against Aphelios and Leona, which was kind of predictable in terms of the bot lane matchup. We knew we could win through bot side and I think we played really well around that. We kind of threw some fights, but we won the game in the end.




Speaking of the bot lane, you and your support Philippe "Poome" Lavoie-Giguere have been looked upon by many as the point of strength for CLG. Does that put extra pressure on you in your rookie season in the LCS?


I feel confident in playing in the LCS and against any of the other bot lane duos. I think we can beat many bot lanes in the LCS, so I'm really confident against LCS teams and confident in my ability to carry my team.


Who would you say are the strongest bot lanes in the LCS?


I think Team Liquid's bot lane is pretty good, and FBI and huhi on 100 Thieves are very good as well. Other than that, everyone else is fine.



TSM's rivalry with CLG was established long before each organization's current players even played professionally. Does the rivalry matter to you and your teammates?


When I was a kid, I would watch LCS back in 2014 and 2015. It was always hype between TSM and CLG. It's still hype for me to be on CLG and play against TSM.



CLG is 2-2 in their last four games, which is better than your 0-4 start to the Spring Split. In what areas has the team improved?


Before, we sometimes didn't understand the meta very well, but I think we've improved our understanding of the meta and are playing at a pretty good level right now.


It's never easy when a team is struggling. Has your team environment remained intact?


We try to help each other both inside the game and outside of the game. I think the players on our team are all good friends and in that regard, it is going well.


Thanks for the interview, Luger. Is there anything you want to see to the CLG fans?


I'm glad that you all are following CLG and watching our games. I know we're kind of playing badly and losing some games, but I believe we can show our true potential and make you guys happy.

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