Berserker Skills, Items, and Combo Guide for Beginners

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*Original guide from BDO Inven KR by 우겔겔겔

Skill Tree

Level 55 Tree for PvE


Grabbing skills are unnecessary for two reasons; they are not good for grinding, and you are unlikely to get involved in PvP fights before level 56. Storming Beast is a matter of choice, but is rarely used. However, Ultimate: Storming Beast is great for gathering mobs.

Level 60 Tree for PvE and PvP


There is no major difference between PvE and PvP for the Berserker. If you only intend to do PvE, Pre-awakening skills are almost useless, so it is recommended that you distribute the skill points to Awakening skills. The skill specialization is also a matter of choice. The one shown on the picture is a combination of PvE and PvP specializations. You can also use Headbutt and include it as part of the PvP combo for higher accuracy.

Titan Blow gives more damage than Flow: Ancient Wave and Flow: Split Shot in PvE, so do not bother distributing points to these skills unless you have an excess.

Item Setup

Just like any other character, the Berserker requires the same stats; critical hit and attack speed. However, the Berserker does not need movement speed.

4 parts of Grunil + PvE weapon
PvE helmet = Harphia × 2 and EXP
PvP helmet = Agility × 2 and Intimidation × 2

PvE Gloves = Assault and Valor
PvP Gloves = Black magic Crystal - Assault and Valor (does not matter if you are equipped with normal crystals)

PvE Shoes = Hystria × 2, Adamantine and Swiftness
PvP Shoes = Adamantine and Swiftness

PvE Armor = Cobelinus × 2 and Armor × 2
PvP Armor = Cobelinus × 2 and Evasion × 2

Ultimate weapons with one socket (Bares and Yuria) = Carmae
Ultimate weapons with two sockets (Krea and Rosar) = Carmae and Precision

This is the socketing for those who do not use Liverto or Kzarka. With this build, the critical hit rate now becomes +4 after consuming a Serendia Meal.

The socketing becomes different when you use Liverto or Kzarka.

Liverto Critical hit rate +3
Gloves = Assault × 2 (Attack speed +4)
Liverto = Carmae and Precision (Attack speed +1 and Critical hit rate +1)

You can have Critical hit rate +5 with this build, and can also place a crystal in the pearl costume if you have a spare socket.

Kzarka Attack speed +3
Gloves = Valor and Assault (Attack speed +2 and Critical hit rate +2)
Kzarka = Precision × 2

You can have Critical hit rate +5 with an extra 1 from the pearl costume and 2 from Margoria Meal. 
The socketing works the same with Hercules, Heve, and Grunil.

The most notable secondary weapons are Saiyer, Oros, and Rosar.

- Oros is equipped by many players as the attack-oriented Berserker is viral nowadays.
- Saiyer is balance-oriented. Berserkers used to equip Saiyer no matter what before you get Nouver or Kutum, but you can now choose depending on your taste.
- Rosar is equipped for the defense-oriented Berserker.
- Theos possesses the effect of damage reduction, but this is not as effective for Berserkers so it is not recommended.

Players dispute over the use of Krea, and this also depends on your taste. However, after the release of the Rosar weapon, Krea weapons, along with the Krea secondary weapon, are not used as much as before. It however becomes a fine set if you use the Krea main and secondary weapons together.


The use of accessories differs between the defense Berserker and attack Berserker. We will use attack Berserker as an example for general purposes.

Ring and Earring

Jarette is the most cost-effective set before level 56.

After you reach 56, complete the quest “Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch”. The value of the ring is worth more than PRI Mark of Shadow, as it provides 7 AP and 25 Max HP, making itself the most cost-effective.

In summary, the recommended rings and earrings are:

2 Sahazad’s Ring of Monarch; and
2 PRI or higher Earrings of Sealed Magical Power or 2 PRI or higher Witch’s Earrings.

If you have enough silver after level 56, give Sahazad to the alternative character or stash it in the warehouse, and purchase DUO Mark of Shadow and DUO Witch’s Earring.

This is the stage where it becomes difficult to forge. It is recommended that you move on to the necklace and belt after the purchase of two of the items listed above. If you insist on knowing, the next items would be TRI Mark of Shadow, TRI Witch’s Earring and Ring of Crescent Guardian.

P.s. Purchase the accessories, but for the sake of your own mentality, do NOT forge them!

Necklace and Belt

Jarette is the most cost-effective set before level 56 in this case as well.

After you reach 56, equip Ancient Guardian’s Seal and Ancient Weapon Core for Accuracy. If you plan to persist as an attack Berserker, equip the Shultz set, or Serap’s Necklace with Belt of Shultz the Gladiator.

The following is a summary for those who would like to purchase different items depending on their tastes and the amount of silver, including the composition described above:

- Ancient Guardian's Seal and Ancient Weapon Core
- Necklace of Shultz the Gladiator and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
- Serap’s Necklace and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
- Sicil’s Necklace and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator
- TRI Bares Necklace and Belt of Shultz the Gladiator

P.s. It is good to equip any accessories with good stats and/or effects when you have enough silver to purchase, regardless of what your level is.

Skill Combo


The main skills for grinding before level 56 are Raging Thunder, Frenzied Destroyer, and Beastly Wind Slash (you can add Fierce Strike if you like).

The main skills after level 56 are Awakening skills. Pre-Awakening skills are not used as they are unnecessary, aside from a few such as a series of Beast skills and Lava Piercer. The Awakening skills combo also depends on your taste. Here’s an example:

Lava Piercer → Ground Lifting → Flow: General Disarray → normal attack → Blasting → Flow: Slugfest

- Giant Leap and Lava Piercer are used for the purpose of mobility.
- Press Z for Rage Absorption.
- A couple of Devastations are very useful for gathering monsters.
- A series of Beat skills is used for lifesteal instead of dealing additional damage.


The skill combo for PvP really depends on what you want to use as well.

Although it is already mentioned in the skill tree, I personally use Blasting and General Disarray. The combo goes as follows:

Flow: Shooting Mobility → Lava Piercer → Smack Down → switch → Blasting → General Disarray (activated when you press the spacebar) → Corpse Storm → normal attack → Beastly Wind Slash → Rock Smash → switch → Blasting → General Disarray → Rooting → Blasting → Flow: Slugfest

- This is the general combination for the arena PvP.
- In 1 on 1 situation, you don’t generally proceed to 4 grabs if you are against an opponent with similar stats.
- In cases where you fail at grabbing, try Lava Piercer or Shake Off to evade.
- Flow: Shooting Mobility is generally used to predict the target’s position, and is great for the purposes of poking and knockback once you become familiar with it. The skill is useful in 1 on 1 situation, so it is recommended to practice a lot. You can even use the skill while sitting, and it is usually done against a Musa or Maewha.
- The skill combo really depends on your taste. If you already have your own combo, you do not need to bother replacing the whole combination and just refer to this as a general feedback.

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    level 3 Mark_Weber


    Nice tips, especially the ones about item setup, didn't know about any of that really :D

    Just like any other character, the Berserker requires the same stats; critical hit and attack speed. However, the Berserker does not need movement speed.

    4 parts of Grunil + PvE weapon
    PvE helmet = Harphia × 2 and EXP
    PvP helmet = Agility × 2 and Intimidation × 2

    The bottom line being here though is the fact that you will also need to know where to get those black desert online items needed for the perfect setups. Those and more you can actually get instantly from for cheap prices and no sweat or tears while grinding.

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      level 1 And1


      Hey Mark, i love this game and this guide was awesome. Do you have any information about this: Berserker JIN BON WON combinations ? Because i could use some help with that. :)

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      Hello @And1 im guessing you are pretty new, you can check this at or in to official discord. Try Reddit too

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