Streamer Caiyla resigns from Cloud9 amid support for LS

Source: Caiyla/Instagram

Content creator for Cloud9 Caiyla announced her resignation from Cloud9 on Thursday amid her ongoing support for LS, Cloud9's League of Legends coach who was recently released by the organization abruptly. Caiyla has been a vocal advocate for LS, along with her boyfriend Tyler1, who is a major League of Legends streamer in his own right.



LS says coaching teams "not worth it anymore" in future


While she leaves amid her at odds stance with C9 regarding LS, she left shortly after posting a joke about how if Kanye West were president, he would stop the war in Ukraine. According to Caiyla, C9 requested she remove that tweet after the joke received significant backlash for making light on the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 



Shortly after announcing she had removed the Kanye Tweet at the request of the org, she posted a poll on Twitter, asking if she should leave C9 entirely, paired with the statement: "I should prolly leave the org so I can just say whatever." That poll received 66% yes votes, with some respondents also appearing to take into account her support of LS in their belief that Caiyla should leave C9, along with her desire to make whatever jokes she wants on Twitter.



Cailya tweeted in support of LS last week after he was removed from C9.


"The most hard-working guy I’ve ever met. Nick (LS) never stops," Caiyla said on Twitter. "You don’t need to know him to know this. He should be well respected. He is not some evil vile individual. He puts his best into everything. And he gave up everything to be on this org. I am fucking irritated."



Her boyfriend Tyler1, a former streamer for T1, also weighed in on the LS situation, somewhat cryptically saying: "They said he got released. The reasons, I couldn't believe. That is all I'll say. I couldn't believe that was it apparently. I was like really? [...] From what I was told, shouldn't that just be a warning?"


So while Caiyla ostensibly cited the Kanye tweet and her ability to Tweet whatever she wants as the driving force behind her decision to leave, it is clear that she and C9 have not been on the same page in regards to the decision to release LS. This likely contributed to her decision to leave the organization. 


Caiyla signed with Cloud9 as a content creator in the Summer of 2021. Following her sudden departure from the org, it is unclear what the streamer's next move will be.

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