Inven Global Smash Awards WINNER: Best Melee Content


We have finally concluded the votes for the inaugural Inven Global Smash Awards, which celebrated the best players, content, and talent in the competitive Smash scene. This was an important endeavor for Inven's Smash team since the community has been the driving factor keeping the esports scene alive. It's full of passionate players, fans, and TOs that care more about Smash than anything else. 


The Inven Global Smash Awards are celebrating the Smash community and what makes us great. And we're starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee, which has now been around longer than 20 years. Throughout those two decades, the community has continued to grow, thrive, and remain in love with the technical fighting game that defined an era. 


We're now announcing the best piece of content in Melee, voted by a panel of experts, journalists, and pros from the scene. 

Best Piece of Melee Content: Melee Stats Top 100


This most likely comes as no surprise to the Super Smash Bros. Melee community. This ambitious ongoing project from PGStats and Melee Stats is not only a source of entertainment, but valuable information about the competitive scene that is coveted by everyone in Melee.


It's more than just statistics at this point. The Top 100 Melee Players list is like a history book, keeping track of everything important to happen in Melee. It includes player interviews, tournament outcomes, and even how each player has impacted the Melee scene. You'll see gameplay footage and analysis. 


In other words, the Top 100 is a showcase of the Melee community's passion. It stands for the grassroots nature of the Melee scene. It shows that the community is willing to put blood, sweat, and tears into creating this kind of painstakingly detailed content just to have as much information in one place despite a lack of support from Nintendo or anyone else. The Top 100 is a way to say we are what makes Melee what it is. We are the ones who drive the Melee scene forward. We are the ones who define Melee's past, present, and future. 

Best Melee Content: Community Award

Metagame: 37.7%

The Story of Apex: 34.7%

The Game Nintendo Wishes It Never Made: 16%


Travis "Samox" Beauchamp created this Melee documentary to highlight the iconic Five Gods era and how it defined the game's community and gameplay. Metagame is a polished, passionate creation that provides an in-depth look at the complexities of Melee's gameplay as well as the pros that rose above the rest with incredible, breathtaking skill. 


While Metagame received a lot of criticism, it's clear that the Melee community has love for Samox and his dedication to the scene. Metagame didn't get the same praise that The Smash Brothers did, but it showed Samox's growth and has become a celebration of the most iconic players and moments in Smash history thus far.  

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