T1 Keria: "To be honest, I don’t think Gen.G’s better than the other LCK teams."

On day 27 of the 2022 LCK Spring split, T1 faced off against DWG KIA in the 2nd match of the day. With a score of 2-0, T1 took the victory against DWG KIA and continued on their undefeated run in the split. With their victory tonight, T1 has also locked in their spot in the Spring playoffs.


After the match, T1’s support, Ryu “Keria” Min-seok, joined Inven Global for a post-match interview.

Thoughts on the victory?


Not only am I thrilled that we’re still undefeated, I’m especially happy at the fact that we beat DWG KIA again tonight. In terms of shotcalling, I personally feel that my performance in game 1 was at its peak, so I’m very satisfied.


With tonight’s victory, T1 has officially qualified for the Spring playoffs. How do you feel?


I always believed that we’d make playoffs, so the fact that we made it doesn’t really excite me too much. I want to continue winning so that we can finish the regular split in first place.


Game 1 was a clean victory, but game 2 was a very close game. I know you’re the main shotcaller of the team, so who’s call was it to rush the Nexus at the end? Talk me through how that ending went.


In terms of the Baron sneak in game 2, I knew that they couldn’t check Baron due to the ward placements and the overall game state. I first told my team about the details of the ward placements, where Xin Zhao and Jinx should stand while taking baron, and that I’d be there to devour Xin if we get caught doing Baron.


So you had every play mapped out in your head and told your teammates what to do?


That’s right.


How about in the end, when T1 rushed the Nexus to finish the game?


DWG KIA took Elder drake, but we managed to push in bot side and take the inhibitor. We wanted to finish the game then, but we couldn’t, so we backed off, but waited bot side because we knew we were late to contest Baron. I made the call, “Can we finish? Let’s go for it! Viktor can teleport!” Thankfully, we managed to close out the game.


Tonight, I want to hear your thoughts on the new support champion, Renata Glasc. First, what’s your overall impression of her?


I think her kit isn’t too shabby. However, she’s very immobile, and doesn’t really have utility, so I did question her viability in the pro scene.


What about her runes and item build?


I’m not quite sure about her runes just yet, but I think that Imperial Mandate as her Mythic item is a must.


Renata’s strengths and weaknesses?


I actually haven’t had a chance to play her much yet, but her lack of mobility is definitely a clear weakness I see in her.


So since you haven’t played her much, you wouldn’t be able to comment on the balance of the champion?


That’s right. I’d need to play her more to really figure that out.


What type of ADCs perform well when paired up with Renata?


Champions like Jinx, those considered to be hyper-carry champions, go well, I think. Two of her abilities give buffs to your ally, and I think they pair well with champions that just go nuts.


MSI is scheduled to take place in Korea this year. Assuming that T1 wins Spring and makes it to MSI this year, are there any international teams that you’re excited to play against?


Hmm… I can’t think of any other team other than EDward Gaming [LPL]. I’m not sure which LPL team will make it to MSI, but I’m excited to face the LPL at MSI.


Speaking of the LPL, Uzi returned to the LPL after 895 days of absence from pro play. You guys consider yourselves as the best bot lane in the world, so how do you think you’ll fare against them on the international stage?


I did watch the vod of his match, and I think he’s just as good as the other top LPL ADCs. 


What are your thoughts on Champions Queue? If such a system existed in Korea, do you think high-elo Korean players would disregard solo queue?


I don’t think it’ll work in Korea. As far as I know, there are a lot less high-elo players in NA. In Korea, there are amateur players that not only take the game just as seriously as the pros, there are also a lot of good amateur players as well. Even with such high incentives such as huge prize pools, I don’t think the pros would want such a system in Korea.


Although T1’s facing off against Hanwha Life Esports in the team’s next match, everyone’s focus is on T1’s rematch against Gen.G next week. Assuming that COVID doesn’t affect the roster line-up in any way, how do you foresee the matchup?


To be honest, I don’t think Gen.G’s better than the other LCK teams, so my primary focus is to knock down the obstacles right in front of me.

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