Mom ratios her Fortnite-pro son for staying up past his bed time

As spotted by Jake Lucky, Fortnite-pro Lootboy Voidd took to Twitter on Monday with some choice words for his parents, calling them "unsupportive" and "demotivating" in front of his 31,000 followers, leading to his mother clapping back and ratio'ing his original statement on Twitter with her clarification of the situation. She explained that he was trying to stay up past his bedtime on a school night, which is not the same as being unsupportive.


The internet very quickly turned on Voidd, in favor of his mother, leading to him deleting the post.



Voidd said in the since-deleted tweet Monday afternoon: "If u have supportive parents don't take it for granted ahaha so sh*t having a demotivating and unsupportive dad."


Apparently, the Fortnite pro forgot that his mother, who goes by mamavoiddd, is on the timeline too. She clapped back with: "Calling your parents F------ C---- is not acceptable because they say you can't stay up until 3am on a school night - that's not being unsupported that's called being a parent!!!"


That Tweet received over double the likes of the original post and dozens of retweets, making it a verifiable ratio of her son.


She followed up with "and now I'm blocked" since, apparently, Voidd did not appreciate her clarification of the situation. While the original Tweets have been deleted, you can still see the thread where Voidd continued to argue with fellow Fortnite pro XL wolfiez, among others, about the situation, with wolfiez concluding: "respect ur mother g." 



Many others also replied to the thread telling Voidd to respect his mother, something that he should probably have learned before he got ratio'd by her in front of thousands of people. There is no worse punishment than this.

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