Inven Global Smash Awards WINNER: Best Melee Content Creator


We have finally concluded the votes for the inaugural Inven Global Smash Awards, which celebrated the best players, content, and talent in the competitive Smash scene. This was an important endeavor for Inven's Smash team since the community has been the driving factor keeping the esports scene alive. It's full of passionate players, fans, and TOs that care more about Smash than anything else. 


The Inven Global Smash Awards are celebrating the Smash community and what makes us great. And we're starting with Super Smash Bros. Melee, which has now been around longer than 20 years. Throughout those two decades, the community has continued to grow, thrive, and remain in love with the technical fighting game that defined an era. We're starting with the best content creator in Melee, voted by a panel of experts, journalists, and pros from the scene. 

Best Melee Content Creator: Mango


2021 was Mango's year — and it's just the beginning of the Melee God's comeback. Not only is he proving himself as a top player once again, Mango also spent 2021 cementing himself as a respected and entertaining content creator. He was consistently streaming Melee throughout last year while also creating YouTube videos about improving at Melee, Nick All Stars Brawl (remember that game?), and his interactions with other Melee pros. Most of his videos get tens of thousands of views. 


Best Melee Content Creator: Community Award

AsumSaus: 43.8%

Turndownforwalt: 21%

GG Melee: 15%


AsumSaus doesn't upload a lot but the community has clearly enjoyed the few videos he created in 2021. All four of them. The videos he put forth in 2021 were considered some of his best, showing some of the most exciting insights into Melee and its top players. Creative, entertaining, and passionate, AsumSaus' videos are some of the best in the Melee community. 

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