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Head Coaches at SKT T1 and KT Rolster: “Game 1 will be the most crucial one.”



The grand finals of LCK 2017 are only a day away and the hype is growing every minute. KT Rolster, who has been on a sharp upturn since the playoffs, will be challenging SKT T1, the de facto enthroned king of League of Legends.

The two head coaches, Byunghoon Choi of SKT T1 and Jihoon Lee of KT Rolster, must have many thoughts going into the grand finals. Surprisingly, the two have the same attitude towards each other. They both acknowledge that their opponent is a great team, and are waiting for the glorious battle.

But only the best will earn the crown. Let us hear from the two head coaches on their thoughts regarding the grand finals.


KT Rolster Jihoon Lee: “the number 2 means 2 trophies; one for the MVP award, and one for the victory.”



Head coach Lee expressed his concerns about the team members and how they are feeling a bit fatigued due to the continuous matches in the playoffs. He mentioned that they will focus on staying in a good condition, instead of preparing for any surprise strategies.

“SKT T1 is undoubtedly the best, and I don’t think the match will go smooth for us,” Lee said, “which is why we should play with more confidence. They are strong in every lane, so we can’t let them win the laning phase.”

“It would be great if we could win like we did in the playoffs, but I know that won’t be the case. We could easily win against Samsung Galaxy because we won the first round. We will give everything we’ve got for Game 1,” Lee added, emphasizing the importance of winning the first set.

Lee also commented on their last match against SKT T1, saying “Although we lost the match, we did pretty well in terms of game performance. I believe we can do well in the finals if we overcome our weaknesses in mid and late game. We’ve been preparing for that the whole season.”

Lee also expressed his expectations of Dong-bin “Score” Go. “I want to ask Score for many things. Score himself wants to break out of the pattern of being second place and win the MVP Award this time. This time, the number 2 doesn’t mean second place. It means 2 trophies; one for the MVP Award, and one for the victory.” He also commented on Sun-gu “Blank” Kang of SKT T1, saying that he will be the most challenging opponent to deal with.

Lastly, Lee added, “A lot of people say that SKT T1 will be the final winner once again. That’s what the statistics tell us. But I don’t think they are far superior to us. The grand finals will be nothing like our previous matches,” asserting his strong determination to win.


SKT T1 Byunghoon Choi: “I’m looking forward to the return match between Score and Peanut.”



Head coach Choi started the interview with the issue regarding Wolf’s recent injury, assuring that he will be fine and will play as well as he always does in the finals.

Choi commented on their opponent, saying that he has been expecting KT Rolster to make it to the finals. “Some people said they were slightly falling apart in the playoffs, but they always have the energy to get back up again.”

“I think Score will be the most difficult opponent to deal with. He must have been preparing a lot for that victory he’s been craving,” Choi added. “I’m looking forward to the return match between Score and Peanut. Peanut also has been preparing a lot for this match and is much more stronger than he used to be.”

Like head coach Jihoon Lee, Choi also thinks that Game 1 will be the most important one. “The final picks and bans, strategies, and everything else will be determined based on Game 1,” Choi said.

Lastly, Choi showed his determination to win, saying “We’ve made it to the grand finals once again and will try our best to end the season with a victory.”


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