DK Canyon: "Both teams at the top, T1 and GEN were the most difficult to face."

On Feb. 20, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, DWG KIA defeated KT Rolster in three games. It was a struggle for DWG KIA as they fell behind in most of the games, but they managed to destroy their opponent’s Nexus first through a few great teamfights. Jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu had a great performance on Lee Sin and was voted as Player of the Game in games 2 and 3. After the match, he joined the press room for an interview.



How do you feel about today’s win?


It was an important match as we needed to win to rise to 3rd place. It was also the first time we won a game 3 this season. Overall, it was a meaningful victory.


You often get as strong as a solo laner in DWG KIA’s games. Don’t you feel pressured about needing to carry the team?


All of my teammates are great players, so I don’t feel pressured. If we think more about how we could win and apply that into our shotcalls and macro, we’ll do much better.


How do you rate DWG KIA’s Round 1 this season?


We weren’t sharp enough. The games we lost were mostly 1-2. Maybe because we got too excited, we weren’t as sharp as our opponents in game 3. Our plays and macro were rather blunt, so we’ve been trying to improve that.


It’s not perfect yet, but our shotcalls in teamfights and macro are starting to accord more. It’ll get better if we all think the same thing and make clean plays. As for game 3 today, it wasn’t as clean.


You’ve collected 1,000 POG points already. How do you feel about that? You’re much ahead of your competitors.


Frankly, there were games where my teammates did well but didn’t get voted as the POG. I’m always thankful to my teammates. I hope we all do well and we all get voted as the POG more.


What’s DWG KIA’s goal for Round 2?


First, it’s to make it within 2nd place. In-game-wise, it’s to make more sharp plays. Overall, I want us to make sharper plays in teamfights and macro, ones that make our opponents frustrated.


Do you have any personal goals?


My goal is always to do better than the opponent jungler.


Which team was the most difficult to face in round 1?


Both teams at the top, T1 and Gen.G were the most difficult to face. I think we’ll need to face them again in round 2 to really know which team is harder.


You haven’t lost on Lee Sin since July of 2020. Did you know that?


Really? I didn't know that. [Laughs] Lee Sin is a great champion. When I play Lee Sin, I become freer in teamfights and can pressure the opponents. I think that’s his biggest strength.


Your next match is T1. How will you face them?


We lost to them in round 1. We’ll prepare much better for next week and make sure we win.

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