Viral airport stream showed planes trying to land amid Storm Eunice wind gusts

A Friday stream depicting the London Heathrow Airport during Storm Eunice from Big Jet TV hit 175k live viewers and is currently sitting at over 5.2 million views on the VOD. It's safe to say the stream has gone viral.


The person streaming throughout the raise, sleet, and winds can be heard encouraging the planes, saying "well done that man!" and "go on now!" as pilots struggled to land safely amid huge wind gusts. The stream picked up steam on YouTube, alongside live news coverage of the devastating storm.



The nearly 8-hour stream captivated audiences, with the streamer nervously commentating as they approach and praising the pilots after successfully landing throughout. The broadcast also briefly showed other plane watchers there as well as news crews, all enjoying the show as the skilled pilots put down their planes during the worsening conditions.


"Bravest of the brave!" the streamer stated at one point, as he watched a plane approaching, wings flexing in the wind as it landed. "Nicely done! That's a direct headwind now, innit? That windsock looking right at me now. Which makes it a little easier, to be honest."


Storm Eunice reached record wind speeds of over 122 miles per hour in southern England and parts of Wales. The hurricane-force winds caused significant destruction to roofs and structures throughout England on Friday, along with introducing unique challenges for pilots.


The stream of the airport during the storm is reminiscent of the hurricane streams that have become increasingly popular with the onset of the online live streaming market, though very few of those streams come with an entertaining commentary. In a world filled with streams of broadcasters reacting to other people's videos, or sitting in hot tubs dong nothing, it seems there is space for streams that actually show something interesting too.

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