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How Do Pros Play Rakan and Xayah?: A closer look at Bjergsen, WildTurtle, and Stitch’s builds


League’s first-ever duo champions, Rakan and Xayah, are now live. Even before the release, most players praised the two champions’ kits, and pros spoke highly of Xayah’s potential competitive viability. In fact, many pro players, including TSM Bjergsen and WildTurtle, are experimenting with the new champions in solo rank, which inevitably follows a more stable item builds.


▲ Players have already started to experiment with the new heroes.

So, how do pros use Rakan and Xayah? Let’s take a closer look at their builds using Inven Probuilder.


◈ Rakan may be still in the works for now


Currently, there aren’t that many games played on the new support champion, Rakan. The general consensus is that he lags behind other aggressive supports like Lulu and Zyra, possibly suggesting that he may need a bit more time in the players’ hands.

As with other support champions, Rakan apparently favors Redemption and Locket of the Iron Solari, which increases his allies’ sustain, as well as Eye of the Oasis, an upgrade of Sightstone.


▲ Dignitas Xpecial's Rakan item and skill build.

For abilities, some players prioritize Grand Entrance(W) for early aggression, but most people tend to first max out Battle Dance(E) to more easily protect their ally ADC. For summoner spells, most players either take Exhaust or Ignite depending on comps, with Flash being an auto include.


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◈ With her wave clear and burst damage, Xayah benefits from Blade of the Ruined King


▲ Pentakill! (Sourced by 엔페시아)

Perhaps because she’s a marksman, people have been playing Xayah in some creative ways. For instance, Liquid Lourlo and Splyce Wunder have played her as a top laner, but most other players played her as an ADC.

Since Double Dagger(Q) and Bladecaller(E) take up a significant share of Xayah’s damage output, players tend to first max out one of the two. Meanwhile, Deadly Plumage(W) gets a single point in the early game and maxed out in the late game maybe because upgrading it doesn’t add much to the ability other than a cooldown reduction.


▲ Samsung Stitch's Xayah build.(E first)


For item builds, most players highly prefer Blade of the Ruined King, which is an ADC’s staple item for offering survivability and burst damage. Runaan’s Hurricane is also an essential item that many players picked up because of its wave clear and additional damage in teamfights.


▲ It seems that Blade of the Ruined King has become a no-brainer for ADCs.

Other notable items include Phantom Dancer for complementing mobility when Deadly Plumage(W) has run out; Infinity Edge for maximizing DPS; Black Cleaver for working through tougher foes; and Essence Reaver for cooldown reduction, attack damage, and critical strike chance. For the boots upgrade, almost all players chose Berserker’s Greaves while using the usual ADC summoner spells, Flash and Heal.


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▲ TSM Bjergsen's Xayah build.(W first)


You can click here to view the Rakan and Xayah's details and the full list of the pros' builds.


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