League of Legends veterans and Mega Hero Bundles aim to bring new players to Heroes 2.0


The Heroes 2.0 launch just got a lot more interesting. On April 20th, Blizzard revealed a two-pronged effort to make sure that the re-launch of Heroes of the Storm attracts a wave of new players. Their target? League of Legends fans that may have always been tempted but never given enough incentive to step into the Nexus.

■ A one-two punch


Scheduled for release on April 25th, the Tryhard - For Good! event will answer the question that has been around since the game's first release: "Can LoL loyalists still enjoy Heroes of the Storm?" Three LoL household names will be coached by three HotS experts in a ranked ladder competition, all in the name of raising donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

The format is simple,
Scarra, Voyboy and Dyrus (the LoL professionals) will be coached by Kaeyoh, Dunktrain, and Chu8 (the Heroes professionals). As the LoL pros attempt to reach the Grand Master rank, they will earn money to be donated to Make-a-Wish with each milestone. Whoever has the highest rank at the end of the competition earns $25k in their name!


If this wasn’t enough to pique the interest of curious LoL players, Blizzard also just announced Mega Hero Bundles with a promise that all players will have get 100 gems, which is enough to buy one of the bundles. Mega Hero Bundles are designed to suit the wants of different players based on their playstyle. Any player who logs in from April 25th to May 22nd should be able to get the bundle for free.

Blizzard even included a simple “MOBA personality test” to help unsure players choose which bundle is best for them. Players will be able to choose between
the Assassin, Flex, Support & Specialist or the Tanks & Bruisers bundle that each include heroes of the appropriate role.


And if you already own all of these heroes, don’t worry. Veteran players who don’t want the bundle can keep the 100 gems (on top of the 1,000 free gems they get when 2.0 launches.) and spend them however they'd like.

■ Where will you be April 20th?

Blizzard is pulling out all the stops with their massive Heroes 2.0 launch. The combination of all of these promotions, the additional mystery hero and Nexus Challenge 2.0 will surely bring in a flood of new players. Only time will tell whether the LoL crowd will respond well to such a targeted approach.

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