[Guide] Best loadout for XM4 in Warzone Pacific Season 2

The XM4 remains a top 10 primary weapon as we kick off Warzone Pacific Season 2. This rifle is a consistent performer with a lot of versatility, making it perfect for those one-size-fits-all type of players, who just want a weapon that will work at all ranges. We put together the best loadout for the XM4 in Warzone Pacific Season 2, to help you make the most of the rifle in the new season.


Overview to the XM4 in Warzone

The XM4 deals solid base damage of 30 within 22 meters and 28 outside 22 meters, making it possible to kill in either five or six bullets depending on the range. With its 700+ RPM, that brings its time to kill to under 500 MS in close range, and around 650 MS outside 22 meters, assuming you can mix a headshot or two in there.


Since this gun doesn't have body modifiers, the only modifier that can quicken your time to kill is headshots, which have a +1.4x damage magnifier. This makes it a relatively forgiving gun for newer players, while also rewarding skill for players who can hit those headshots. The ideal XM4 gun build will work to improve its ranged effectiveness and minimize its recoil.


Best Attachments for the XM4 in Warzone Pacific

  • Agency Suppressor
  • 13.5" Task Force Barrel
  • Field Agent Grip
  • 60 Rnd Fast Magazine
  • Axial Arms 3x scope

Agency Suppressor

As is standard, you are going to want to run a suppressor on this gun. The Agency suppressor will keep you off enemy minimaps and help you keep a low profile, while at the same time reducing your recoil slightly. Stealth remains the name of the game in Warzone.


13.5" Task Force Barrel

The Task force barrel adds extra damage, improves the bullet velocity, and improves the range damage of this gun. Since ideally, this loadout will help you replace your Krig 6 loadout, the Task Force Barrel is a no-brainer for this build, allowing this gun to be effective at a much longer range than the stock version.


Field Agent Grip

While the standard recoil on the XM4 isn't bad, it can always be better. When you add the extra vertical and horizontal recoil control that comes with the Field Agent Grip, you make this gun easier and more fun to play with, not to mention more effective in medium and long-range engagements.


60 Rnd Fast Magazine

Adding 60 rounds mags to this gun is an absolute must in Warzone, where many confrontations involve more than one opponent. Having to reload during a fight can get you killed in this game, so 60 round magazines will help provide peace of mind in those high-pressure situations. The fast magazine will also increase the speed of your reload, which is another quality of life bonus.


Axial Arms 3x

You can use whatever scope you want on this gun, by the Axial Arms 3x scope is by far the most popular. This scope features very clean, minimal crosshairs, with great visibility and just enough zoom to make this more comfortable at long range, without compromising your ability to take short-range fights. 

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