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Heavy action and easy chain combos; a quick guide to Striker basics, skills and combos




The entire patch notes (translated by Hevve of Inven Global) can be found in our BDO forum.


BDO’s newest character addition, the Striker, is available to play in BDO KR starting from April 20th (KST). With a heavily built body and some heavier action, the Striker deals massive damage to his enemies using many strong skills and easy chain combos.

The Striker uses Gauntlets as a main weapon and Vambraces as a secondary weapon. These are both new types of weapons that have been added along with the Striker. 

▲ Elsh Gauntlet (pre-awakening main weapon)
▲ Basteer Vambrace (secondary weapon)

■ Skills

Disclaimer: The skill names are rough translations and are subject to change when they are live in the NA or EU server.

Major skills are listed below. The Striker has a total of 9 super armor skills, 3 invincible skills, and a lot of air smash/knockdown skills.

Strong Fist (basic attack, LMB)

Adamantine (RMB)

Fighting Spirit
(buff, hotkeys)
Movement speed increases by 50% for 5 seconds. 
WP -50 per 3 seconds while the buff is active.


Wolf’s Cry (passive)
evasion +10%

Lightning Step (w or s + shift), Shadowless Step (a or d + shift)
Movement speed +30% for 10 seconds. 
invincible while using


Grand White Kick (F)
+15 WP per hit

Crouching Wolf (space bar while using another skill)
super armor
wide AoE
attack speed +10% for 10 seconds
will pull the enemies towards the user (monsters only)
will make the enemies turn around (monsters only)
will provoke the enemies in distance

Hook (F after Adamantine)

Heavy Pressure (E)
super armor

Claws Revealed (S + LMB)
quickly dodges backward before attacking.
invincible while dodging.
air attack 


Flow: Ferocious Teeth (keep pressing S after Claws Revealed)
WP +20 per hit
knockdown / down smash
down attack / air attack


Crimson Fang (shift + RMB)
+20 WP per hit

Explosive Blow (LMB after Crimson Fang)
+20 WP per hit

Chain: Poisonous Teeth
(keep pressing LMB after Explosive Blow)
+20 WP per hit
attack speed -15% for 10 seconds

Chain: Powerful Blow
(keep pressing LMB after Poisonous Teeth)
+20 WP per hit
down smash 

Flow: Breathtaker
(keep pressing RMB after Crimson Fang)
+20 WP per hit

Flow: Needle Explosion
(keep pressing RMB after Flow: Breathtaker)
+20 WP per hit

Knee Hammer
(shift + LMB)

Flow: Stone Breaker
(RMB after Knee Hammer)
super armor

Flow: Void Axis
(F after Knee Hammer)
air attack

Floor Ascension
air attack

Flow: Roof Breaker
(RMB while using Floor Ascension)
super armor

Flow: Landslide
(LMB while using Floor Ascension)
super armor

Naraka Fall
(S + F)

Gigantic Fury
(shift + Q)



■ Combos 

Knee Hammer - Claws Revealed - Flow: Ferocious Teeth

Floor Ascension - Flow: Landslide

Crimson Fang - Flow: Breathtaker - Adamantine - Knee Hammer - Claws Revealed

Crimson Fang - Flow: Breathtaker - Explosive Blow - Chain: Poisonous Teeth


Complete combos. (video credit: BDO Inven KR 크라넬[kranel])



■ Pearl Costumes 



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