Today's editorial cartoon is about how KT Rolster and Cloud9 are going in full throttle for the finals of their regions.

As the Spring Split draws to a conclusion, fans of LoL worldwide are eagerly waiting for the finals of their regional championship. Although the final are never a match without interesting stories, there is a distinct similarity between the finals of LCK and NA LCS - it will be a match to see how the reigning monarchs will defend against the rising juggernauts.

SK Telecom T1 is undeniably the 'boogeyman' of LCK. Sure, they might have gone some rough patches along the way, but it had always been SKT T1 that had the last laugh - not just in LCK, but World Championships as well. However, SKT T1 might have finally met their match in this split. KT Rolster was often named as the newest 'super team' of LCK this split, and remember how Samsung Galaxy came really close to defeating SKT T1 back in World Championship 2016? Well, KT demolished SSG without dropping a set in the semifinals. The hype for the match couldn't be any higher.

On the other side of the ocean, NA LCS Finals will be also be a match between reigning champions and the rising stars. Team SoloMid, the reigning champions, is now on their ninth, consecutive LCS Finals after defeating FlyQuest with a clean 3-0 victory. However, their opponent in this split is certainly a force to be reckoned with. Cloud9 is standing on the other side of the bracket after defeating Phoenix1 with a clean 3-0 victory. (Did we mention how both LCK and NA LCS are seeing playoff matches that end with a 3-0?)

In fact, do keep in mind that challengers for both regions have each taken a match against the reigning champions, and they certainly seemed dominant when they did it. If the reign is to end, there hasn't been a better time for it in a long time.The long reign is being threatened by an overwhelming force, and it will end with only one standing. Will the rising force end a chapter of the history? or will a savior appear to save the reign? Find out this weekend, in League of Legends.

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