[QUIZ] Which Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character should you date on Valentine's Day?


Welcome to Inven Global's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Dating Service. With Valentine's Day just around the corner, it's the perfect time to find out who your perfect match is. And there is no better way than through a personality quiz. 


Our state-of-the-art analysis (i.e. keeping track of your answers) will take your responses and match you up with the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate character who best suits your lifestyle, romantic desires, and goals. 


We have a selection of highly desirable singles that are sick of playing games and are looking to retire their GameCube controller for good. These characters have expressed an interest in finding their true love. Can it be you? 


Find out your perfect match below and then plan the perfect Valentine's Day date with the character of your dreams. 

1. What is your biggest motivation — what gets you up in the morning?

A. Making the world a better place

B. An alarm clock disrupting a sensual dream you were having

C. Revenge

D. Video games

E. Bettering yourself

F. Family

G. Doing better than others

H. Helping your community

I. Your duties

2. What is an essential part of your morning routine? 

A. Texting friends to see how they are doing

B. Doing your hair and other beauty regiments 

C. Journaling

D. Scrolling through some spicy memes
E. Eating a very balanced breakfast to get you energized

F. Having some time with loved ones before the day begins
G. Sending threatening texts to people anonymously 

H. Watching the news

I. Training

3. How important is work to you? 

A. You have found that working can help you improve yourself and help others even more

B. Work is important but it should be fun

C. Your work is your life

D. You find yourself hopping from job to job, unable to find a specific path you enjoy

E. Work is important but you should still have time to do what you love for a sense of balance

F. Work is essential to support family and you'd do whatever it takes for them

G. You would rather people work for you and carry out your vision

H. Your work is invaluable to your community

I. It gives you a sense of purpose but you feel you're underpaid

4. Do you get along well with your co-workers?

A. You generally get along with everybody 

B. You always find a way to make even the most intense situations funny, although it can sometimes be at the extent of others
C. You choose jobs where you work alone

D. You get along with them but sometimes feel you're a bit too weird
E. You are seen as an expert in your field and are well-respected and liked

F. You often work alone but when you do encounter others you get along great

G. They have no choice but to do what you say, so who cares? 

H. Yes, although they can sometimes seem intimidated

I. Yes, they are loyal to you

5. You had a long day at work and your friends want to hang out. 

A. Definitely! That's just the pick-me-up you need

B. You would but you already made plans with a Tinder date 

C. You luckily don't have friends

D. LAN party or board games? Count you in

E. You can't really hang out that late — you sleep early so you can get up at the crack of dawn for yoga before work

F. Only if your significant other and kids can go too

G. You've already invited yourself to another party you're planning to crash

H. You always make time for your friends

I. You could grab a few drinks to keep them out of trouble

6. What is your favorite late-night activity when you're alone?

A. Watch hilarious YouTube videos

B. Look at lewd content online

C. Train your body and mind

D. Solo queue in your favorite competitive game

E. Meditate

F. Play old-school games or read comic books

G. Message your ex

H. Read

I. Star gazing

7. What is your ideal first date? 

A. Something spontaneous, like a road trip or exploring a new city

B. Watch some hilarious stand-up special on Netflix and hook up

C. Virtual date so you can see if they are worth meeting up with in the future

D. Something competitive, like air hockey or a trivia night

E. A healthy brunch after a hike

F. A romantic dinner 

G. Surprise wedding in Vegas

H. Community service

I. Something short like grabbing a coffee so you can leave if needed

8. What is a romantic gesture you can't resist? 

A. A surprise party with all your friends

B. Roasting you 

C. Giving you space

D. Buying you plushies

E. Signing you both up for CrossFit

F. Doing chores around the house while you're busy

G. Playing hard to get

H. Twilight walk on the beach

I. Sharing advice and personal experiences

9. How important is a long-term relationship for you right now?

A. Very, you're looking for someone to travel with you and do fun things with you

B. Meh, you're probably looking for something more casual

C. Not very important, you prefer to be alone

D. You'd settle down if someone could keep up with you

E. You're looking for someone that would help you maintain a good balance in life

F. Extremely, you want a family

G. You're already in a long-term relationship but the other person doesn't know it yet

H. You have much more important things to think about

I. You travel too much to maintain something steady but are open to try

10. What is a deal-breaker for you in a relationship?

A. Becoming complacent and losing that spark

B. Someone clingy, not having space

C. Someone with no sense of purpose

D. Cheating, both in-game and IRL

E. Someone letting themselves go

F. Someone siding with your enemies

G. Someone who won't take care of your children or house

H. Selfishness

I. Too controlling

Your Perfect Valentine's Day date is now revealed

Mostly A's

Your Valentine's Day date is Terry. You're both positive and friendly people who value friendship, adventure, and self-improvement. You are looking for someone with a lot of skills and hobbies who can keep up with your impulsive adventures — and bring you along for some of theirs. 

Mostly B's

Your Valentine's Day date is Bayonetta. You'll initially bond over your raunchy humor and quick wit but realize that it's more than smack-talk that draws you to one another. You both have strong personalities and a strong sex drive but will connect on a deeper level about your compassion for loved ones and dedication to your causes. 

Mostly C's

Your Valentine's Day date is Samus — and it will probably happen virtually. You are both sensitive people who like to have your own space. But you both understand each other's secret desire to have someone there for them even in the darkest of times. You won't mind that Samus is so focused on work (and getting revenge for her mother) — you have your own life as well. 

Mostly D's

Your Valentine's Day date is Daisy. You are both outgoing, fun, and have a ton of hobbies and interests. Daisy is playing tennis one moment and then go-karting the next. She has a sarcastic side and can definitely be a bit competitive, keeping you on your toes. You both enjoy nerdy activities and will be able to keep each other entertained and challenged. 

Mostly E's

Your Valentine's Day date is Wii Fit Trainer. Not a lot of people can understand your dedication to CrossFit and keto, making Wii Fit Trainer your perfect partner. Together, you'll motivate one another to stay active and healthy, as well as find ways to improve your mental wellness. Yoga retreats, glamping, and meditation are in your future. 

Mostly F's

Your Valentine's Day date is Pac-Man. You really care about family, just like Pac-Man, meaning your goals and values are perfectly aligned. Pac-Man is a dedicated and caring family man who will fulfill your desire to have a balanced, wholesome life. And when you think things are getting too mundane, Pac-Man knows how to spice it up with hilarious jokes and tales of his days fighting ghosts. 

Mostly G's

Your Valentine's Day date is Bowser. You are done waiting patiently for the SO of your dreams and will break any restraining order that gets in the way. Bowser has the same obsessive personality as you and the same desire to be seen as popular and talented. Together, you can both go to therapy and learn how to love yourself, respect others, and stop ruining parties with murder. 

Mostly H's

Your Valentine's Day date is Zelda. Princess Zelda is compassionate and selfless. She would even give up her life for those she loves and serves. It's hard to find people that truly put others' needs before their own, making this a great match. You're both empathetic and loyal, open to helping each other in any way possible. While Zelda is very forgiving, it's important you don't cross her — she is very skilled with a bow and telepathy. 

Mostly I's

Your Valentine's Day date is Fox. Fox is hard-working and loyal, although he can become a bit frustrated if he feels there are too many rules to follow. Luckily you are both great communicators and can work through most problems with ease, even if Fox can get a bit cocky and snarky. Fox is a born leader that can take you on carefully planned adventures — some of which include his friends. 

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