Call of Duty: Warzone 2 officially confirmed

Call of Duty: Warzone 2 has been officially announced, along with the confirmation that this years COD title will be Modern Warfare 2, a sequel to their massively popular 2019 Modern Warfare. The announcement follows rumors about the game after Activision gave influencers a special look at the game in a call on Thursday.


Both new games will run on a new engine and have been built together, and the developers reportedly said this engine will power all COD games moving forward. Infinity Ward is leading the development of both new games. The new version of Warzone will reportedly be a huge "evolution" of the battle royale title, bringing a new map and a new sandbox mode.



Warzone has fallen off over the past few months, in part due to unpopular changes and a complete lack of quality control for the title that has left many console players frustrated. While Warzone was once the darling of online content creation, its throne has been stolen by Apex Legends. There is still a large fan base for the game, but a new Warzone 2 title could bring back many of the fans they lost along the way.


The new Warzone 2 title will presumably replace development on Warzone, meaning the guns currently in Warzone will likely be removed and replaced with Modern Warfare 2's weapons, though this has not been officially confirmed.


While we are waiting for the release of the new titles, Warzone Pacific Season 2 drops on Monday, bringing a new gun and some large changes to the Caldera map. They also discussed the possibility of adding a FOV slider to consoles in the future but said it is difficult now due to so many of their players being on old-gen consoles.  Additionally, they announced some other improvements coming with Season 2's launch, that you can read about here.

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