DRX Deft on being 46-4 playing Jinx: "I played Jinx since I just win when I play her."

On Feb. 9, in the 2022 LCK Spring Split, DRX took down KT Rolster 2-1 to collect their 4th straight win. Through the win, they placed themselves in 3rd place behind T1 and Gen.G. The past two weeks were hard for DRX as their head coach left and most of their starting roster tested positive of COVID-19. 


However, they managed to pull themselves together. The Challengers roster that was called up took game 1, and the original starting roster that recovered from COVID-19 won game 3. The players of the games were Song “SeTab” Kyeong-jin and Kim “Deft” Hyeok-kyu. They joined Yoon Soo-bin after the match for an interview.



You’ve risen to 3rd place with your winning streak. How do you feel?


Deft: Before the match, my teammates were sick, and the Challengers players were urgently called up. I’m so thankful everyone did so well.


(To SeTab) It was your LCK debut and you were voted as the POG. How do you feel?


SeTab: I’m extremely glad that I can be interviewed like this by getting the POG on my debut. I’d like to thank my teammates for this.


How did you feel when you were told that you have to play in the LCK?


SeTab: I was rather bewildered to get on the LCK stage, and I’m so happy that I won.


You had to play in two matches including the CL match as well. It would have been hard. How did you prepare in such a short time?


SeTab: Frankly, we didn’t play that many scrims, but since our team is really good, I think we just won by playing as we did before.


(To Deft) The responsibility would have pressured you. After the match, you told the other players, “Good job.” What did you tell the rookies before going into the match?


Deft: Before we played, I told them that even if we were to lose, if we can show everything that we’re capable of, it’s alright. But when we actually started the game, they played so well. [Laughs] I felt they did well with all my heart, so I told them exactly that.


(To SeTab) Was what he said encouraging to you?


SeTab: Yes. He was so reliable.


It should have felt really good when you solo killed Azir. How did you feel?


SeTab: When I killed him, my heart pounded crazy. [Laughs]


So how would you rate yourself for today’s debut game?


SeTab: I think it would be alright to give myself 8 out of 10.


Source: LCK Korea


You were confident going into the match, saying that you could face Aria well. How was it actually playing against him?


SeTab: I faced him when I was in Japan, but I was kind of nervous since I thought he’d play much better than back then. But maybe because I played so many 1v1s against Zeka, it was rather easy playing against Aria.


You didn’t ban Zeri and faced her with Senna. Was it a prepared pick?


Deft: We didn’t have much time to prepare, so I didn’t try that much. When I played the matchup a couple of times, it felt good, so we played it.


Zeri’s performance was really good. Have you changed your mind about Zeri?


Deft: She was actually half-dead, but when the game went into teamfights, Zeri was alive, well, and strong. That was unpleasant. [Laughs]


Do you think you’ll play her in the future?


Deft: I’ll practice more, and I believe I could player her well.


Your Jinx got another win in game 3. It’s 46-4 now. Did you feel that you need to keep that win rate?


Deft: Rather than that, I played Jinx since I just win when I play her. I didn’t really think about losing at all.


Rumor says that you’re going to have a feast after returning to the team house. What are you going to eat?


SeTab: We’ll be having lobster.


Your next opponent is Hanwha Life Esports. How will you face them? And do you have any last comments?


Deft: All the Challengers players today did well even though they would be tired playing in Challengers and the LCK, so I’m really grateful. We’ll do well against Hanwha Life Esports so that we could keep this momentum.


Any words to the fans?


SeTab: All the fans would have been really worried. I’m happy that we were able to relieve that by winning. DRX is doing really well in Challengers with a 13-1 record. Please come and watch.

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