[Guide] Best team compositions in Apex Legends season 12

Apex Legends Season 12 is coming in hot, with the brand new character Mad Maggie. The new season is also bringing some nerfs and buffs, with Caustic seeing a nerf to his gas traps that dominated the last season of Apex Legends, and Crypto seeing some serious quality of life improvements for how he can use his drone. As we head into a new season, the time has come again to theorycraft some of the best Legend team compositions to try in Apex Legends season 12.


You'll notice every composition has Gibraltar in it, because lets be honest, he is the best Legend in the game and there is no time when he is a bad idea. 


The Best team compositions in Apex Legends Season 12

  • Gibraltar, Valkyrie, Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar, Wraith, Bloodhound
  • Gibraltar, Caustic, Lifeline
  • Gibraltar, Crypto, Ash
  • Gibraltar, Caustic, Valkyrie 
  • Bonus: Mad Maggie/Wraith, Pathfinder, and Octane

Gibraltar, Valkyrie, Bloodhound

Lets start with a tried and true composition: Gibraltar, Valkyrie, and Bloodhound. These agents go together really well. Gibby provides the defensive capabilities you need to survive teamfights, with his personal shield and his ridiculously good ultimate bubble shield. Valkyrie opens up the map possibilities for you, since you can easily rotate using her ultimate that lets you and your team talk to the sky and reposition. Bloodhound provides the intelligence and tracking capabilities you will need to understand the map situation and where enemies are during team fights.


All in all, this is a well-rounded composition, with all the mobility, defense, and intelligence you need to slay in Apex Legends Season 12.


Gibraltar, Wraith, Bloodhound

Another option is to run Gibraltar, Wraith, and Bloodhound together. Gibby once again can bring his incredible defensive abilities, which are particularly important as circles get smaller and cover becomes sparse. Bloodhound once again is a great Legend for sussing out enemy positions, especially when they can pop their ultimate allowing them to check for enemies multiple times over the course of 30 seconds. Wraith in this composition takes the place of Valkyrie, allowing your team to rotate using her teleporter.


Valk is better for early game rotations, so she will open up more landing spots on the edge of the map. Wraith, however, is better for end-game fights, since she can combine her ultimate with her tactical that lets her become invisible for several seconds to reposition your team around the final circle. Wraith is also arguably a better overall agent than Valk, since her tactical is kind of a get out of jail free card if you can use it in time while under fire.


Gibraltar, Caustic, Lifeline

The team comp of Gibby, Caustic, and Lifeline is a very defensive, and sustainable one. While you will be low on team intelligence, which might be an issue at higher ELOs, at mid and low elos this composition is just hard to beat. Gibby has the aforementioned defensive, tanky abilities, while Caustic can control areas and lockdown buildings using his gas traps. At the same time, Lifeline's healing abilities and ability to revive teammates without having to put herself at much risk, makes it very difficult to eliminate a squad running this team composition on Apex Legends season 12.


Gibraltar, Crypto, Ash

Gibraltar, Crypto, Ash is an interesting alternative to running Bloodhound, Valkerie, or Wraith. Crypto got a nice buff in Season 12, allowing him to send his drone out without having to control it manually. Crypto has seen a steady rise in pick rate, compared to Bloodhound, in the ALGS, because he is able to scope out the battlefield with relatively low risk to him and his team via his drone. Ash goes well in this comp as well, since she offers a pretty strong and fast rotation for late circles in comparison to Wraith. Wraith would also go well in this composition, but Ash's rotation is just a little faster, and she has the added bonus of being able to spot death boxes.


Gibraltar, Caustic, Valkyrie 

A composition with Gibraltar, Caustic, Valkyrie is amazing for map control. While you give up intel opportunities without a recon agent, you gain significant levels of map control since you can drop Gibby's shield, use Caustic's gas traps, and rotate when needed with Valk. In the latest meta, this composition definitely has legs, even after the minor nerf to Caustics gas traps. 


Bonus: Wraith or Mad Maggie, Pathfinder, and Octane

While this comp is probably not optimal, it is really fun to play as a change of pace if you just want to put out raw aggression. Wraith still provides the ability to safely teleport in later circles, but with Pathfinder and Octane around, you can also use their ultimate to rotate. As a result, you can kind of infinitely rotate and be faster than all the other teams on the map. If you haven't tried this before, I recommend it, if only to have a memey round all about raw aggressive and speed. As a bonus option, try switching out one of the characters with the new Mad Maggie for special bunker-busting potential.






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