[Guide] Best legend combos in Apex Legends Season 12

Apex Legends Season 12 has arrived, bringing with it a new agent and a return to Olympus and King Canyon. For those who are looking to drop into the new season with their friends and farm some serious RP, we put together a list of the best legend compositions that you can try out in Season 12.


These Legend combos feature complementary skills and abilities that can combine to give you the upper hand in your fights while you dominate Apex Legends with your friends. These are the best legend combos to try out in Apex Legends Season 12


Best legend combinations in Apex Legends Season 12: Defiance

Valkyrie + Gibraltar

Valkyrie and Gibraltar remain a match made in heaven in Apex Legends Season 12. Valkyrie is known for her ability to quickly rotate to any part of the map using her ultimate ability, while Gibraltar's ultimate ability is a very powerful protective bubble that can help keep his team safe while Valkyrie prepares to lift off. Their ultimate abilities combine really well since Gibraltor can use his bubble to keep Valkerie safe while she charges her burners for lift-off.


These two also play complementary roles. Gibraltar is an excellent defensive agent who can lockdown an area in the midst of an intense fight when needed, while Valk can be more aggressive and use her jetpack to gain offensive flanks and high ground positions. When working well together, these two agents are very difficult to overcome.


Bangalore + Bloodhound

Bangalore on her own is a B-Tier legend, but when combined with Bloodhound, her smoke becomes an A-Tier, or even S-tier, ability. All you have to do is drop your smoke on or between you and the enemy during a fight, obscuring everyone's vision. Then Bloodhound pops their scan, revealing enemies through the smoke, allowing you to mow them down while the enemy is still blinded.


Being able to track enemies through the smoke while they remain unaware of your location feels like some kind of wallhack cheat when you pull it off. This is definitely one of the most effective and fun Legend combos in Apex Legends Season 12. You can also try this with Seer, but ever since they nerfed his microdrones in Season 10, it is definitely harder to land his reveal.


Octane + Revanant

Octane and Revenant can put together a pretty deadly combo as well. Octane's jump pad gives you the ability to jump right onto enemy squads, while Revenant's tactical ability can be used to EMP the enemies, preventing their escape and softening them up for the kill. When you do both simultaneously, you can achieve a sort of shock and awe, overwhelming your opponents with your sudden aggression.


Mad Maggie + Octane

If raw speed if you deal, you are going to want to take a peek at running Mad Maggie and Octane together. Mad Maggie moves faster with shotguns, and her drill tactical ability can bust Gibraltor's bunker, forcing enemies out of position, where Octane can quickly close the distance and attack. Mad Maggie's ultimate ability also drops small speed packs, so the whole team can keep up with Octane's amazing speed. Combined with Octane's own jump pad, these two promise to create some real mayhem in Season 12 together.


Caustic + Lifeline

Caustic remains good heading into season 12, even with the minor nerf to his gas abilities that allow his traps to be destroyed in exchange for 150 damage. His ability to lock down an area with gas, and hold enemies at bay is still very powerful. When you combine Caustic's area control with Lifeline's ability to heal herself and her team, and her ability to pick up her friends with a remote drone, this legend combo ends up being one of the most sustainable options in the game. You can use Caustic's gas traps to lock doors and slow enemy advances while your team heals up with Lifeline.


You won't be rushing squads and taking them down with raw aggression, like with some of the other combos on this list, but this combination can keep you alive until the end of games and put you into the position to take home the win. This isn't the most exciting combination of the list, but it's pretty effective if you are patient enough.



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