For game, for work — the AndaSeat Jungle Series provides support on all fronts


AndaSeat has established itself as a premiere force in the gaming accessory industry, and among the plethora of great gaming chair options under the AndaSeat brand, the Jungle Series offers a versatile, comfortable experience in a sleek red and black color scheme.


Like the AndaSeat Kaiser 2, arguably the most impressive thing about the Jungle Series is the amount of locking mechanisms, allowing nearly any postural preference to be locked in.


True to the 'for game, for work' approach of the Jungle Series, the chair allows multiple options for seat level and reclination for whatever may be on the screen, be it a video call for work-from-home types, an intense gaming session, or even to kick back, relax, and watch one's favorite streamer. 


As far as set up goes, the instructions were pretty easy to follow. However, also like the Kaiser 2, it was challenging to get the pieces to line up initially. If you don't line up the pieces perfectly, they're not going to fit together. You have to have a keen eye for detail to make sure you weren't messing up on any of the steps along the way to setting up the chair. The idea of how to do it wasn't challenging in theory, but the process required a lot of precision and very little room for error. 


The choices for optional headrests never seem to fit comfortably once clipped on the chair. It would have been much better to just have a single headrest attached on an adjustor, but fortunately, because of the chair's versatility in poster settings, the detachables can be avoided entirely.


All in all, the positives of the AndaSeat Jungle Series far outweigh the lone negative of slightly more difficult setup than its competitors, which makes it the perfect choice for a gamer who may be using desk and computer for more than just play.

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