Fatality's Twitch chat wins online Super Smash Bros. Ultimate match


Fatality decided to leave it up to his Twitch chat to win some online games of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and it somehow worked. 


Twitch chat being able to control games is nothing new. But it's usually done during RPGs not complex fighting games that take fast reading and reaction times like Smash. But Fatality's chat was determined to make it happen at all costs. 


Fatality's fans realized very early on that typing in "lag" actually caused the game to lag. They typed in lag so much that the game looked like it might even shut down. Between quickly typing in attacks and spamming "lag" in the chat, Fatality's Twitch chat actually became more powerful than anyone ever could have imagined. 



During an online match against a Toon Link player, Fatality's chat continued to dominate thanks to typing in "lag" at lightning speed. They took a stock from the poor opponent and then continued to lag the game to the extreme, making it impossible for the other player to come back. The lag caused the Toon Link to end their suffering, jumping off the stage. 


Does it count? 





Twitch chat is becoming more and more powerful. There is no stopping them now. Soon, Twitch chats will be taking games from MKLeo, Hungrybox, Sparg0, ESAM, and anyone else who doesn't want to deal with lag and decides to end their own life. Expect to see Twitch chat at the top of the Ultimate ratings very soon. 

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