Warzone reverts Loadout Drop timing, after months of complaints

Raven Software announced on Thursday that they are reverting the Loadout Drop timing, after players have complained for months about the devs decision to delay Loadout Drops until later in match with the drop of Warzone Pacific Season 1.  Players will now be able to once again purchase Loadout Drops immediately upon landing.


The developers stated in a blog post: "In anticipation of Season Two’s launch, the Call of Duty® team is pleased to share a recent gameplay change Raven Software is making in WarzoneTM. Following community feedback during Season One, Raven Software is reverting the standard Battle Royale Loadout Drop timing."


Players and critics of Warzone, like Jgod, loudly complained at the change to the Loadout Drop system, which left players dependent entirely on ground loot throughout the early game. This fundamentally altered the popular play loop of Warzone, which was set apart from other Battle Royales by the ability to quickly acquire the weapons and perks that you chose before the game if you play well in the early game. Without it, many players found themselves frustrated, as they were forced to wait extended periods of time to access what they once could get within a few minutes of dropping in.


The Load Out reversion comes as interest in Warzone had steadily waned, due to massive performance issues on consoles, a long list of bugs, continued issues with hackers, and a general distaste for the new Warzone Pacific map Caldera. Some Warzone pros like Aydan even switched over to Apex Legends for some time, as a way of manifesting their frustration with the state of Warzone.


Raven Software promised that they will be making "numerous updates" over the next few weeks, in the hopes of salvaging the reputation of the once highly respected Warzone title. We can expect to learn more about the upcoming season changes next week.


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