LEC enables Zeri for competitive use starting this weekend


The LEC has given the go-ahead for the latest champion, Zeri, to be used competitively, LEC’s Competition Manager Deniz Günay confirmed. From the fourth week of the Spring Split, which kicks off on Friday, Feb. 5, the electrifying bot laner will be part of the pick and ban phase.


Zeri was added to League of Legends in patch 12.2, which went live on Jan. 19. As stipulated by the LEC rulebook under rule 7.4, the competitive patch is updated a full calendar week after the live servers are updated. However, if any game-breaking bugs occur, the LEC can hold off for longer — it was the reason Viego didn’t see competitive play in Europe for a long time after his release.



Zeri, however, is clean enough to make her entrance on the European stage.


With her unusual kit that provides a lot of mobility, Zeri has created some interesting highlight reels already. She leaps over walls in Talon-esque fashion using Spark Surge, her E-ability, and can snipe opponents from a long distance with her Ultrashock Laser, reminiscent of Lux’s ultimate ability.



However, it is her passive ability, Living Battery, which provides her with movement speed each time she is shielded and also allows her to absorb enemy shields, which has been particularly flashy.


Zeri’s dominance is being toned down in the near future, as she is being nerfed in patch 12.3, according to Principal Character Designer at Riot Games August Browning. However, since the LEC will still be on patch 12.2 for the coming weeks, Europe’s top bot laners will get to enjoy the Spark of Zaun in all her speedy, unnerfed glory.


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