These are the most-played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters in each state



Super Smash Bros. data guy ETossed has put together a beautiful yet haunting graphic that reveals the most played Super Smash Bros. Ultimate fighters in each state based on Smashgg data. And the results are actually quite interesting! 


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate's roster has continued to impress with how balanced it is despite having 89 characters. This is a pretty amazing achievement for a fighting game, meaning almost every character has a chance to thrive in the right hands. This has allowed for players to have a wide variety of mains and pockets, tier lists be damned. 


Here are the Smash Bros. fighters with the most games in each state: 

Source: ETossed


  • Washington: Min-Min
  • Oregon: Kirby
  • California: Luigi
  • Alaska: Pichu
  • Hawaii: Isabelle 
  • Idaho: Luigi
  • Nevada: Zelda
  • Utah: Ness
  • New Mexico: Pac-Man
  • Montana: R.O.B. 
  • Wyoming: Piranha Plant
  • Colorado: Lucina
  • North Dakota: Sword Mii Fighter
  • South Dakota: Little Mac
  • Nebraska: Pikachu
  • Kansas: Pac-Man
  • Oklahoma: Shulk
  • Texas: R.O.B. 
  • Minnesota: Isabelle
  • Iowa: Mario
  • Missouri: Snake
  • Arkansas: King K. Rool
  • Louisiana: King K. Rool
  • Wisconsin: Yoshi
  • Illinois: Ness
  • Michigan: Ness
  • Indiana: Little Mac
  • Ohio: Bowser
  • Kentucky: Wii Fit Trainer
  • Tennesse: Ness
  • Mississippi: Hero
  • Alabama: Incineroar
  • Maine: Bayonetta
  • New Hampshire: Pokemon Trainer
  • Vermont: Richter
  • Massachusettes: King K. Rool
  • New York: Yoshi
  • Rhode Island: Joker
  • Connecticut: Peach
  • New Jersey: Bowser
  • Pennsylvania: Pokemon Trainer
  • Delaware: Captain Falcon
  • Maryland: Little Mac
  • Washington DC: R.O.B. 
  • Virginia: Donkey Kong
  • West Virginia: Banjo & Kazooie
  • North Carolina: Pyra & Mythra
  • South Carolina: Steve
  • Georgia: Inkling
  • Florida: Jigglypuff

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate mains throughout the US reveal some trends

The trend? Players on don't care about tier lists or winning. But really, what can we learn from this interesting data? 


Well, it's no surprise to see Jigglypuff becoming popular in Florida. Melee pro Hungrybox lives in Orlando and he is one of the best Jigglypuff players in the world. People in the humid state are most likely looking to make Jigglypuff a thing in Ultimate as well. 


Another no-brainer is seeing southern states repping King K. Rool, a giant gator. King K. Rool could easily be a state mascot and nobody would bat an eye. Wyoming players seemed drawn to Piranha Plant due to how used they are to spending their entire lives surrounded by plants and crops. West Virginia unsurprisingly picked Banjo & Kazooie, most likely because they dress similarly to him. 


Little Mac is up here WAY too much. Three states using Little Mac a lot is quite interesting seeing as the character continues to be low tier with an abundance of frustrating flaws. But the WiFi era has shaken things up and allowed a lot of Little Mac fans to thrive. Most of the information gathered from is from online tournaments and events. 


R.O.B. is another popular choice for online competition as well as offline. Three states had R.O.B. entered in the most tournaments. The classic robot has been climbing up the tier list recently thanks to many top players placing high in tournaments. Pac-Man is also seeing a lot of play apparently, most likely after seeing Tea go crazy with the character throughout 2021. 


Despite being considered the best character in the game, Pyra & Mythra was only the most popular choice in one state. It seems that North Carolina is one of the only states with casual players who want to actually win things. Meanwhile, Oregon just came to have fun. 


I'll be honest. A lot of the results were very surprising to me. I am shocked to see Pichu, Wii Fit Trainer, and SWORD MII FIGHTER at all. And multiple Isabelle states? No wonder the United States is being easily dominated by players from Mexico. 

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