NintendoVS Challenge Cup offers basically nothing to Super Smash Bros community


Nintendo of America has announced the next NintendoVS Challenge Cup, coming on February 12. The Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament is part of a long series of NintendoVS Challenge Cups so it's nothing new to the Smash community. But this time around it's hitting a bit different. 



The NintendoVS Challenge Cup has pretty crappy prizes, per usual. This time around, the top eight players will win "smashing prizes" like Nintendo Gold Points and a Nintendo Switch carrying case. The grand prize winner will also receive a trophy, jacket, and backpack. 


It's not like this is nothing but after Nintendo announced a Melee and Ultimate circuit with Panda Global, it doesn't make Nintendo look the best. While Nintendo, worth over $95 billion, can only bring themselves to give away a trophy and carrying case, Ludwig just finished holding a $30,001 Melee tournament. 



There is still no word on what the circuit with Panda Global will be like or what the prize support will be. Many in the Smash community have expressed that Nintendo must provide a lot of cash in order to finally support the scene if the company wants to disrupt the esports scene. 


After abandoning the esports scene for so long, Smash is one of the most underpaid competitive scenes out there. While many esports boast million-dollar prize pools, Ludwig was able to have one of the biggest prize pools in Melee history by having a prize pool of $30K. Nintendo has also continued to disrupt community competitions and passion projects, including Project+. 


To make up for Nintendo's past problems, hopefully Nintendo's circuit won't be a letdown. Because this continued NintendoVS Challenge Cup? Not a good look right now. 

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