Here are all of Mad Maggie's abilities in Apex Legends

Source: Respawn Entertainment

Mad Maggie is the latest Legend coming to Apex Legends with the release of Apex Legends Season 12 next week. The chaotic war criminal of an agent was revealed in the Apex Legends: Defiance gameplay trailer on Monday, along with numerous other additions for the next season. Her abilities were revealed shortly after the release of the trailer on EA's official website.

Here are all of Mad Maggie's abilities that have been revealed in the lead up to the new season!


All of Mad Maggie's abilities in Apex Legends

Tactical ability - Riot Drill

Mad Maggies' tactical ability is called Riot Drill. This ability allows her to "fire a drill that burns enemies through obstacles." This promises the ability for players to sus enemies out from behind cover and provides an interesting response to doors or Rampart's battlefield barriers.


Passive Ability - Warlord's Ire

Mad Maggie's passive ability is called Warlord's Ire, and it will "temporarily highlight enemies you've damaged" in addition to allowing you to move faster while using a shotgun. The highlighting of enemies you've damaged is a powerful intelligence ability, akin to Warzone's Combat Scout perk. The ability to run faster with a shotgun will make Mad Maggie a potential favorite for the short-range warriors out there who love to use the shotguns in Apex.


Ultimate Ability - Wrecking Ball

Mad Maggie's ultimate ability is called Wrecking Ball. With this ultimate, you will throw a ball that then "releases speed-bosting pads and detonates near enemies." This ability promises to generate a lot of chaos, throwing enemies out of position if placed properly, while the speed pads allow you and your team to quickly approach the enemy.


Mad Maggie's playstyle in Apex Legends

Mad Maggie is designed to encourage aggressive, chaotic play. With a tactical and ultimate ability designed to force enemies out from behind cover, an enhanced movement speed while using shotguns, and extra intelligence if she can land a bullet on enemies, Mad Maggie is going to be the perfect pick for those impatient folks who just want to rush in and bust up a bunker.


Given that she hasn't been released to the wild yet, it is difficult to predict if she will shake up the meta in a significant way. While she might not make huge waves in the high-level Apex meta, there are players who are going to really enjoy her penchant for chaos.

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